Transnet Internal Choirs Competition

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Country and Region South AfricaGauteng
Type of Festival Music
Location of Festival Fairland, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Festival Description

The Internal Choirs Competition is a choral music competition for employees of Transnet that takes place in four different choral categories — mixed double quartet, male choir, female choir and mixed choir, and choirs from the Transnet operating divisions participate.

The 300 participants who will be taking part in the event have made it through both the first and second stages of the competition. The initial stage is a regional workshop where three adjudicators of the competition, each highly skilled in choral music, conduct choral music enhancement workshops for all participating choirs. Regional competitions then take place in five regions and the overall winners of each five region then proceed to the national finals.

One of the most moving aspects of the Gala Final of the Transnet Foundation’s Internal Choirs Competition is hearing all finalists performing their finely-rehearsed competition songs in one voice. The Internal Choirs Competition is a key element of the Transnet Foundation’s Arts and Culture and Cultural Industries portfolio. Through the Transnet Internal Choirs Competition, Transnet invests in the holistic growth of its human resources, boosting employee morale. The Foundation also partners another choral project in the form of The Massed Choir Festival, a Nation Building Project of the Aggery Klaaste Sowetan Nation Building Projects. A minimum of 1 000 choristers partake in a massed choir to contribute towards nation building in South Africa through the medium of choral music.

Festival Dates October 10, 2009
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Festival Story:

The Transnet Foundation is based on empowerment towards the future and acquiring selected initiatives that will provide long-term economic sustainability not only to the organisation, but to the country as a whole.

According to the foundation, the most effective way of adequately addressing these enormous challenges is through the establishment of strong and strategic partnerships with relevant stakeholders. Through such partnerships, the foundation has been able to introduce the youth and people of South Africa to education and sport, arts and culture, entrepreneurial ventures. As well as making healthcare and essential government services easily accessible to people living in the country’s underdeveloped and underprivileged areas.

The foundation’s five portfolio areas – education, health, arts and culture, sport and under-utilised assets – have established very strong and effective partnerships with government departments, non-governmental, businesses and community-based organisations in a collective quest to address inequalities and infrastructural backlogs in previously disadvantaged communities.


Practical Info:

  • Mosaïek Lifestyle Auditorium
    Danielle Street (off 14th Avenue on N1)
    Fairland, Johannesburg
Participant’s information:
  • The competition participation is closed to the employees of Transnet Foundation. Although the competition is open to the public audience.


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