Berkshire Fringe Festival

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Country and Region United StatesMassachusetts
Type of Festival Dance, Drama, Music
Location of Festival Great Barrington, Massachusetts USA
Festival Contact Information

The Berkshire Fringe
Bazaar Productions Inc.
P. O. Box 1033
Great Barrington, MA 10230 USA
Phone: (01) 413-320-4175

Festival Description

This summer, a new generation of theater makers from across the United States will discover a vibrant home as part of the 9th Annual Berkshire Fringe. Dozens of emerging artists and ensembles spanning the disciplines of theater, dance, music, solo performance and rock opera will participate in the action packed three week festival that runs July 15-August 5 at the Daniel Arts Center (Bard College at Simon’s Rock) in Great Barrington.

Nine productions including three world premieres were curated from an open submission process involving 100 applicants from across the United States and around the globe. Works selected for the 2013 festival demonstrated a high level of professionalism and play while resonating with the Fringe’s mission to introduce adventurous programming to the Berkshire cultural community.

Festival Dates July 15 - August 5, 2013
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Festival Story:

In 2004, Artistic Directors Sara Katzoff, Timothy Ryan Olson and Peter Wise founded Bazaar Productions with the mission of establishing a center dedicated to presenting new work in the Berkshire arts community. Since bursting onto the scene in 2005, the Berkshire Fringe has presented dozens of theater ensembles, dance troupes, solo performers, musicians and visual artists from across the country and around the corner. In 2007, this young and vibrant company presented more high quality cross-disciplinary theater, dance and music than ever before! The festival showcases the staggeringly diverse talents of emerging artists, and continues to do it all at affordable prices.


Festival Events:

Programming 2013:
  • Monday, JULY 15
    Annual Gala Celebration: Rags To Riches, An Epic Launch and Fundraising Fete!
    • Celebrating nine years of innovative, outrageous and entirely original programming, The Berkshire Fringe’s 9th annual gala presents world premiere short works of theater, dance and film all inspired by a mash-up of clothing, text and characters taken directly from performances appearing at The 2013 Berkshire Fringe! Come experience the myriad of ways that artists re-interpret and remix inspiration into brand new performances. Open bar, delectable hors d’oeuvres, dancing/dj, and a massive not-so-silent auction. All proceeds benefit The 2013 Berkshire Fringe – providing vital funding to the only organization in the region dedicated to supporting the next generation of theater artists and audiences! Doors open at 6:00pm. Tickets to performances and party: Sliding scale ranging from Pay-Your-Age to $50/$100.
  • THEATER - July 17-24
    Dead Letter Office (a prelude to Bartleby the Scrivener), A Piece by Matthew Earnest
    Performed by The Lunar Stratagem
    • In an underground bunker in an unnamed city, three anonymous Baroque figures madly decipher and re-route the world’s undeliverable mail. As the only ones on earth still adept with language, their job security has been solid for over two centuries. But today the tables will turn: they will learn that the Enlightenment has ended, technology now rules the world and their services are no longer needed. In this uproarious prequel to Melville’s iconic story, acclaimed theater maker Matthew Earnest (the josephine footnote, Fringe 2005) and company use found letters to create an exuberant vaudeville that both celebrates and sighs for the bygone age of Humanism, a joyous elegy to the fading art of the written word.
      Performance Schedule: 7/17 at 8pm, 7/18 at 9pm, 7/19 at 9pm, 7/20 at 5pm, 7/21 at 8pm, 7/22 at 7pm, 7/24 at 9pm
  • THEATER/MUSIC - July 18-20
    The Other Mozart, Written & Performed by Sylvia Milo
    • As the acclaimed sister of Amadeus, Nannerl Mozart was a celebrated keyboard virtuoso and composer who toured Europe and was met with high praise. How is it then that she faded into obscurity and left nothing of her own works behind? Painting a world rich in multi-sensual delights, opulent beauty, restriction and prejudice, writer/performer Sylvia Milo glimpses between the lines of family letters and accounts to reveal the story of this lesser known Mozart, a hidden gem of untold history. Directed by Isaac Byrne, The Other Mozart features an original music score by Nathan Davis and Phyllis Chen, and costume by Magdalena Dąbrowska (Poland) and Miodrag Guberinic (Serbia).
      Performance Schedule: 7/18 at 7pm, 7/19 at 7pm, 7/20 at 7pm
    Mahalla, Developed & Performed by The Anthropologists
    Directed by Melissa Moshitto
    • Fusing together found text, dance and real life events, The Anthropologists brilliantly interweave two stories of the fight against oppression: one ancient and one very modern. Inspired by the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, Mahalla captures the spirit of the Arab Spring and juxtaposes it with the Passover story of the Jews’ escape from the hands of the Pharaoh. Acclaimed Berkshire Fringe alumni The Anthropologists (Give Us Bread, 2010) return with a vibrant collaborative creation investigating the intersections between food, ritual, storytelling and the pursuit of freedom.
      Performance Schedule: 7/19 at 5pm 7/20 at 9pm, 7/21 at 6pm, 7/22 at 9pm
    Moment of Impact, Created & Performed by Bronwyn Sims
    • Inspired by a real life journey by train from Brattleboro to New Haven, Moment of Impact explores the vast ripple effect caused by one unexpected and tragic event. Seamlessly shifting between lyrical aerial performance, virtuosic physical theatre, storytelling and comedy, solo performer Bronwyn Sims shares a deeply personal story of love, loss, life and ambition.
      Performance Schedule: 7/24 at 7pm, 7/25 at 9pm, 7/26 at 9pm, 7/27 at 7pm, 7/28 at 6pm
  • THEATER - July 25-29
    Painting His Wings: A Partial Puppet Play, Written by Sinead Daly
    Directed by Heather Lanza
    • Written by Berkshire Fringe/EarlyStages new play development participant Sinead Daly (2011), Painting His Wings unravels the story of one family’s devastating loss and their fragile journey towards reshaping their lives. An homage to the resilience of the human spirit, this world premier performance is directed by Heather Lanza, uses lyrical imagery and a surprising poeticism to touch the heart, and features an outstanding ensemble of emerging performers. This production is made possible through the Tadd Gero Fund for Emerging Artists.
      Performance Schedule: 7/25 at 7pm, 7/26 at 7pm, 7/27 at 9pm, 7/28 at 3pm, 7/29 at 9pm Thursday, July 25 at 7pm
  • DANCE/THEATER - July 26-29
    A Monologue Dedicated to Dexter, Created & Choreographed by Sarah Konner and Austin Selden
    • Lyrical, childlike, provocative and always humorous, dancer/choreographers Sarah Konnor & Austin Selden (The Erotics of Doubt, Fringe 2011) deliver an imaginary catalog of stories inspired by memory and apprehension. Nakedness plays a fundamental role in this series of ephemeral snapshots, each exposing the most raw, poetic, playful and intimate aspects of humanity. In a dance about death, sex, and fear, nudity is represented both literally and metaphorically. The two characters strip themselves down. They crack their edges, expose themselves, and find something raw underneath.
      Performance Schedule: 7/26 at 5pm, 7/27 at 7pm, 7/28 at 8pm, 7/29 at 7pm
  • MUSIC/THEATER/ ROCK OPERA - July 31-August 5
    The Ape Woman, Created and Composed by May V. Oskan
    • The most interesting woman in the world! The ugliest woman alive! Tackling themes of abnormality, alienation and revenge, The Ape Woman chronicles the jaw-dropping true story of sideshow sensation Julia Pastrana. More than 150 years after her tragic death, this nonstop rock opera exposes a story of exploitation, redemption and vengeance. Written and composed by May V. Oskan (who also plays Julia Pastrana), The Ape Woman features a electrifying madcap ensemble of 11 actors, storytellers and musicians.
      Performance Schedule: 7/31 at 8pm, 8/1 at 9pm, 8/2 at 7pm, 8/3 at 9pm, 8/4 at 5pm, 8/5 at 9pm
    FUFU & OREOS, Created and Performed by Obehi Janice
    • Decisions. Depression. Daddy issues. From writer/performer/monologist Obehi Janice comes FUFU & OREOS. This humorous, compelling, and entirely improvised one-woman show focuses on a young Nigerian-American woman navigating her own cultural identity, mental health, and faith. With inventive prose and incredible wit,FUFU & OREOS stakes a claim for the power of voice in our search for self.
      Performance Schedule: 8/1 at 7pm, 8/2 at 9pm, 8/3 at 5pm, 8/4 at 7pm
  • THEATER/MOVEMENT - August 2-5
    ON EST DÉSHABILLÉ, a comedy about death
    Devised & Performed by Eliza Ladd & Ensemble
    • Born out of Rock-and-Roll and teetering toward Clown, on est déshabillé is an absurdist tour de force guided by one woman …and her stick. Part warrior, part creature, part housewife – performer/composer/storyteller Eliza Ladd (Elephants and Gold, 2009) and company return to the Berkshire Fringe with a fragile and ferocious feast of the human spirit integrating movement, song, and live visual art. Nestled inside a distinctly American inspired Greek chorus, on est déshabillé chronicles the oddities and immensities of being human.
      Performance Schedule: 8/2 at 5pm, 8/3 at 7pm, 8/4 at 9pm, 8/5 at 7pm


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Practical Info:

  • All performances, events and workshops take place at
    • The Daniel Arts Center
      Bard College at Simon’s Rock
      84 Alford Road
      Great Barrington, MA


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