Theatre in Public Space - Workshop Festival in the Frame of II))II\\II//\\

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Country and Region PolandMazowieckie
Type of Festival Drama
Location of Festival Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland
Festival Contact Information

Zofia Dworakowska

Festival Description

The festival of workshops is focused on the relation between theatre and public space. The public space is understood here both as architecture and as society. Theatre is not seen here as a separated world, shut in a box, but just the opposite — it has reasons and methods to interact with the outside reality. During the workshops different kinds of this interaction could be explored. The participants will have a chance not only to try different theatre methods developed by experienced artists, but also to get to know how to analyze and organize theatre projects in non-theatre venues.

During 7 days of the festival each participant will take part in 2 workshops — each lasts 4 hours a day, one before the lunch break, the other after lunch. The practical workshops will be supplemented with a theoretical background. Every evening everybody taking part in the festival and anybody who may be interested in the subject, also from the city, will meet in one room. It will be a time to relax and talk, but most importantly — it will be an opportunity to learn about the phenomena creating an important context for the practical work. The festival will end with an open show of projects or works in progress prepared by the workshops groups during the week.

All of the workshops are open to different kinds of participants: students, actors, dancers, activists, culture animators, community artists, directors, cultural managers, critics, theatrologists, etc.

Festival Dates May 23 - 29, 2010
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Festival Events:

Workshops — How it works? 2010:
  • There are two groups of workshops: A and B. Choose one workshop from group A and one from group B. Please indicate also a third workshop and in the event there are not enough free places in one of the two selected workshops you will be assigned to the third workshop of your choice. The description of workshops and information about the leaders are presented can be obtained by contacting Zofia Dworakowska at
    • Group A
      —Iconosphere (Akademia Ruchu)
      —The state of exception (Poste Restante)
      —Public Movement (Omer Krieger, Dana Yahalomi)
    • Group B
      —Can theatre be a public space? (Joanna Ostrowska)
      —Sense the space (Marta Ladjanszki, Zsolt Varga)
      — Question zone (Agata Etmanowicz, Agnieszka Wlazeł)


Practical Info:

Participant’s information 2010:
  • Deadline for applications is April 14, 2010
  • The chosen participants will be contacted by April 19, 2010
  • Organisers cover the costs of accommodation in shared rooms in the centre of Warsaw from May 22 until 30, 2010, breakfasts and dinners from May 23 until 29, 2010
  • Fee € 330
  • Notice — € 100 for travel refund will be given to representatives from the member countries of DNA project (Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia).
  • Deadline for payment is May 4, 2010
  • The festival organiser is Katedra kultury (Poland)
  • Contact person is Zofia Dworakowska, and you may contact her for the application form at


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