Open Door for the Music Theatre (Mezinárodní festival Dokořán pro hudební divadlo)

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Country and Region Czech RepublicSouth Moravian Region
Type of Festival Drama, Music
Location of Festival Brno, South Moravian Region, Czech Republic
Festival Description

An annual international meeting of music theatres is being organized by the Brno City Theatre where both Czech and foreign dramatic ensembles are able to present the results of their work in one of most demanding dramatic genres. As dancing, singing and acting theatre are exceptionally difficult not only for its tasks laid on actors in all disciplines that must be coped with professionality and integrated meaningfully in a compact performance, but also for the technical and financial demands. Nowadays, all music theatre performances are sounded, rich decorations are used as well as numerous choirs take part. The time demanding preparation of performances thus exceeds manifold their duration.

And what does the music theatre charm you with? The time when it was just an amusing theatre has gone long since. When the authors of the legendary West Side Story came to Broadway to offer their musical to producers in the mid 50s, they were told that an operetta with so many corpses could not be put on the stage. The music theatre using a sound technique became a space for communicating deeper processes that take place inside a man than just a mere gleeful joy, although there is never enough of it. The microphone enables an actor or a singer to be louder than an orchestra, to speak and sing about intimate things, no matter if a feeling or an idea is in question. Like a painter applies all colours sensitively on a canvas, a good music theatre uses currently all available means to be able to fully deal with all problems and joys of our world.

When you get more closely acquainted with the offer of performances presented annually at our young festival, each of you will certainly chose your own favourites. Each performance is unique, in each of them you will encounter different, but always extraordinary experience. There is a lot to choose from and similar events are excellent opportunities to make adventurous comparisons. There is no other festival of a kindred character in Europe—hence, use up the opportunity to experience the exceptional dramatic genre: music theatre.
Stanislav Moša, Director of Brno City Theatre

Festival Dates May 27 - June 4, 2011
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