28 Hours Of Innovative Art

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Country and Region United StatesNew York
Type of Festival Dance, Music
Location of Festival New York, New York, USA
Festival Contact Information

Arts For Art, Inc.
107 Suffolk Street, No. 3.5
New York, NY 10002 USA
Phone/fax: +01 212-254-5420
Email: info@visionfestival.org

Festival Description

This historic All-Day All-Night, All-Out Explosion of Innovative Arts, features performances by musicians, DJs, video and filmmakers, poets, artists and dancers - beginning on Friday, November 20th and running until midnight Saturday the 21st! There will be kids interactive workshops, youth performances, yoga, and a video-diary booth where audience and artists can share their thoughts about art and society. It is all happening at Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, on the ground floor theatres and gallery. This special event is a celebration of community. It raises awareness and funds to strengthen the presence of innovative music and art in the Lower East Side. It creates a platform where different art mediums can come together in new positive relationships with local business and our civil community. Help Arts For Art continue its groundbreaking work of bringing our creative communities together under the same roof!!

Festival Dates November 20 - 21, 2009

Festival Events:

Schedule 2009:
    • 6:00pm Dance: Yvonne Meier, K.J. Holmes & Miriam Parker Music: Rob Brown alto, Daniel Levin cello, Rosie Hertlein violin
    • 6:45pm Sex Mob: Steven Bernstein slide trumpet, Briggan Krauss alto, Kenny Wollesen drums & Tony Scherr bass
    • 7:45pm George Lewis trombone & Sam Pluta elect.
    • 8:15pm John Zorn Solo alto
    • 8:30pm Aki Onda cassettes, electronics, MV Carbon cello, keyboards, tapes & Shelley Hirsch voice
    • 9:00pm Connie Crothers Quartet: Connie Crothers piano, Richard Tabnik alto, Ken Filiano bass & Roger Mancuso drums
    • 9:20pm Dance: Jason Jordan dance
      Music: Connie Crothers piano
    • 9:30pm Trio X - Joe McPhee saxes, Dominic Duval bass & Jay Rosen drums
    • 10:00pm $KELETON$ Big band: lineup TBA
    • 10:45pm Josh Roseman Group: lineup TBA
    • 11:15pm Whit Dickey drums & Eri Yamamoto piano
    • 11:45pm Brahim Fribgane oud, Patricia Nicholson dance & friends
    • Dance to the Music with:
      12:00am Zlatne Uste - Balkan Brass Band
      1:00am LOISAIDAS Bachata Music : Aquiles Nunez, Isaiah Parker & friends
      1:30am till 4:00 – DJ Kids With Snakes
      4:00am till 10:00 – THE ART RESTS
    • 6:30pm Herschel Silverman poet & Perry Robinson clarinet
    • 7:00pm Taylor Ho Bynum cornet & Tomas Fujiwara drums
    • 7:30pm Dance: Mark DeGarmo, Marie Baker-Lee, Alejandro Velasco Sotomayor
    • 7:45pm Julia Wilkins Dance / Qasim Naqvi
    • 8:00pm Ascent Dance: Kali Z. Fasteau multi-instrumental, Amon Bey dance & berimbau, Hotep guitar
    • 8:30pm Paul Harding Spoken music & Juju Seahorse: Hill Greene bass Joe Ford reeds, Karma Johnson vocals Andre Lasalle, guitar, Andrew Drury drums
    • 9:00pm Mixashawn Solo sax
    • 9:20pm TBA
    • 9:45pm Ray Anderson trombone and friends
    • 10:15pm Jim Black Group
    • 10:30pm Poets: Bob Holman & Michael Warr
    • 11:00pm Bern Nix guitar, Francois Grillot bass & Jackson Krall drums
    • 11:30pm Sam Hillmer’s Regattas
    • 12:00am till 2:00 – IMPROV SESSIONS
    • 12:00am Bradley Farberman gu, Jeremy Young guzheng, Tom Zlabinger bs, Ken Filiano bass, Rosi Hertlien vi, Daniel Levin cello, Jim Black dr
    • 12:15am Mark Whitecage reeds, Daniel Carter horns, Seth Meicht sax, Ras Moshe sax, Ken Filiano, Whit Dickey dr
    • 12:30am Whit Dickey, Andrew Drury drs
    • 12:40am Matt Lavelle trp, Ras Moshe sax, trb, Rosi Hertlein, Ken Filiano, Diana Wayburn piano, Jim Black
    • 1:05am Daniel Carter, Mark Whitecage, Matt Lavelle, Tom Zlabinger, Andrew Drury drs
    • 1:20am Ras Moshe, Seth Meicht, Bradley Farberman, Daniel Levin / Whit Dickey
    • 1:35am IMPROV All Together
    • 2:00am Bradley Farberman Group
    • 2:30am The Slowest Runner in All the World: Ian Temple piano, Jeremy Young guitar, tapes, Hunter Jack violin, Gillian Jackson cello, Jesse Perlstein bass, effects, Jake Chudnow dr
    • 3:00am TBA
    • 3:30am Ash Can Orchestra
  • SATURDAY MORNING, November 21
    • 10:00am YOGA with Jules Febre & Rima Rabbath from Jivamukti
    • 12:00pm Ned Rothenberg Solo sax
    • 12:30pm Chakra Tuning: Rozanne Levine clarinets & flute, Mark Whitecage reeds, Rosi Hertlein violin & voice, Perry Robinson clarinet
    • 1:00pm until 4:00 Open Rehearsal for Jason Kao Hwang conduction
    • 5:00pm until 6:00 – ART SHOW
    • 5:30pm until 7:30 pm – A Public Discussion
      “The effect of the economy on life decisions of the young musician” Moderator: Michael Heller
    • 7:00pm Dialogue: Patricia Nicholson dance, Jason Jordan dance, Gus Solomons jr dance, Roy Campbell trumpet & Masahiko Kono trombone
    • 7:30pm Charles Gayle reeds, Asim Barnes guitar, Lewis Barnes trumpet, Francois Grillot bass, Andrew Drury drums
    • 8:00pm Bronx Horns: Roy Campbell trumpets, Daniel Carter reeds, Sabir Mateen sax
    • 8:15pm Roy Campbell trumpets, Daniel Carter sax, Sabir Mateen sax, Mike Bisio bass, Gerald Cleaver drums
    • 8:35pm JD Allen Group
    • 9:05pm Milford Graves & Marshall Allen
    • 9:35pm Afro-Brazilian Berimbau & Capoeira 10:00 Rob Brown alto, Shayna Dulberger bass, Andrea Parkins electric accordion, Gerald Cleaver drums
    • 10:30pm Craig Harris Group
    • 11:00pm Leena Conquest voice & Rosi Hertlien violin
    • 11:30pm Jason Kao Hwang conducts 40 + Downtown Musicians
    • 12:00pm till 3:00 – KIDS FREE PLAY
      Director & gymnastics: Rudy Van Daele
      Music: Charles Gayle, Darius Jones, David Moss, Gerald Cleaver
      Dance: Mary Marshall
      Art & Crafts: SpaceCraft
    • 3:00pm until 5:00pm YOUTH BANDS
    • 3:00pm Journey of Mankind: Amandus Usungu keyboards, Lenga Usungu Drums, Spencer Torres Guitar, Jack Langman Piano
    • 3:30pm TBA
    • 4:00pm Henry Wood - Crazy Spirit: Henry Wood drums, Sam Ryser bass, Eugene Terry guitar, Wwalker Behl vocals
    • 4:30pm Sediment Club
    • 5:00pm until 6:00pm – ART SHOW
    • 6:00pm Films: Vision 1 by Susan Littenburg 25 minutes
      Just A Guy Who Knows (Sonny Simmons) by Dan Scofield 21 minutes
    • 7:30pm Friends: Steven Lugerner Woodwinds, Ari Karason Trumpet, Mike Bjella Woodwinds Angelo Spagnolo Guitar, Jacob Bergson Piano, Rod Lundberg Bass, Max Jaffe Drums Cem Misirlioglu Percussion
    • 8:00pm Gerald Cleaver/ Jean Carla Group
    • 8:30pm Crow Series: Miriam Parker dance & Jo-Wood Brown video installation
    • 8:50pm Killer BOB: David Scanlon guitar, Johan Andersson tenor, Rob Lundberg bass, Max Jaffe drums
    • 9:10pm till 11:10 – IMPROV GROUPS
    • 9:00pm Charles Gayle reeds, Asim Barnes guitar, Ray Anderson trombone, Dom Minasi , Reggie Workman bass, Max Jaffe drums
    • 9:30pm Francois Grillot bass, Garth Stevenson bass, Perry Robinson clarinet, Fay Victor voice, Devin Gray dr
    • 9:50pm Charles Gayle, Darryl Foster sax, Lewis Barnes trumpet, Garth Stevenson, David Moss bass
    • 10:10pm Ray Anderson, Masahiko Kono trombone, Mike Bjella , David Moss, Max Jaffe
    • 10:30pm Perry Robinson, Asim Barnes. Fay Victor, Reggie Workman
    • 10:50pm IMPROV All Together


Practical Info:

Venue 2009:
  • Clemente Solo Velez Cultural Center (the ground floor)
    107 Suffolk Street
    New York, NY
    Located between Rivington & Delancey
  • Hours
    Friday, November 20, 6:00pm to Saturday, November 21, 12:00 midnight


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