Sfinks Mixed Festival

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Country and Region BelgiumFlanders
Type of Festival Dance, Music
Location of Festival Boechout, Antwerp, Belgium
Festival Contact Information

Sfinks Mixed
Sfinks Animatie vzw
Jan Frans Willemsstraat 10a
2530 Boechout
Phone: (32) 3-455-69-44
Fax: (32) 3-454-11-62
Email: info@sfinks.be

Festival Description

Sfinks features a programme with culturally identifiable music. For us, music is a universal language building bridges between cultures and offering a better understanding of the complex richness of the world we live in. Popular music and folk music as well as religious and classical sounds are featured on our stages, creating a plethora of musical styles and regions less well known here in the west.

Age-old Cambodian ballet, ultra-hip Columbian electro-cumbia, outrageous Balkan-rock and Afro-Cuban masters. Sfinks litteraly mixes the most diverse styles and cultures. In wonder, with open ears and mouths. Music, dance, film and circus from all over the world and a small village somewhere in Western Flanders (a piece of Belgium that, like the rest of the world, is becoming more diverse, colourful and yes, exciting, every year). A headstrong trip with powerful beats, beautiful songs and outstanding trance.

Sfinks is party and passion, with grand moments and subtle accents. A meeting place for music and culture, where artists don’t perform on tall stages but right up close to their audience.

Festival Dates July 25 - 28, 2013
Festival Links http://www.sfinks.be/

Festival Story:

Since 1975 Sfinks has been for young and old, families with children and adventurous music lovers, Sfinks is an exploratory excursion into enriching cultures. It’s a hospitable festival, where beautiful music, good food and drinks, amazing tents and structures await to please you. Atmosphere, music, encounters in an open, multicultural environment. And thus Sfinks itself turns into an annual ritual.

A feast of tolerance, an ode to a colourfully diverse world, a getting together of like-minded individuals. A festival full of wonder, unexpected sounds and glad reunions with old acquaintances. A long weekend and a spot to contemplate the world’s beauty and to dance to rhythms from far and near. The program ranges from age-old to ultra-hip, from subdued contemplation to wild partying, with ritual as the red thread. At Sfinks we make room for the world’s oldest and newest rites. Tibetan buddhist dances, wild gypsy parties, contemporary urban rites from Central Africa, old christian chants from the Middle East, trance rhythms from a new world.


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Practical Info:

  • Molenveld Boechout
  • About the venue
    • Located between Oude Steenweg and Welvaartstraat in Boechout. The open-air festival takes place on a nice, green location with beautiful tents, structures and… trees!
  • For more information
    • Email info@sfinks.be
    • Phone +32(0)3/455.69.44
    • Visit online at http://www.sfinks.be


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