Music Festival of Sumbe (FestiSumbe)

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Country and Region AngolaCuanza Sul
Type of Festival Music
Location of Festival Sumbe, Cuanza Sul, Angola
Festival Description

The Sumbe International Music Festival “Festisumbe” celebrates the music of Angola. This culturally enriched festival features more than 30 Angolan musicians and some international artists as well.

Festival Dates September 2012
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Festival Events:

Artists (including musicians and comedians) 2010:
  • Afromen
  • Anselmo Ralph
  • Bangão
  • Bessa Teixeira
  • Big Nelo
  • Bruxo
  • Cabo Snoop
  • Calabeto
  • Cape Verdians Beto Dias (foreign artists)
  • Danny L
  • Givago
  • Gingas do Maculusso
  • Gisela Silva
  • Heavy C
  • Irmãos Almeida
  • Konde
  • Kristo
  • Manborró
  • Matias Damásio
  • MC Virgula (foreign MC from Portugal)
  • Mr. Dembo
  • Nacobeta
  • Pérola
  • Proletário
  • Própria Lixa
  • Puto Lilas
  • Puto Português
  • Sabino Henda
  • Sandocam
  • Suzanna Lubrano (foreign artist)
  • Tuneza Teatro (comedians)
  • Yola Araújo
  • Yuri da Cunha


Other Sources:

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  • FestiSumbe With Sound Support of 75 000 Watts (All Africa, September 18, 2010)


Practical Info:

  • Marginal Avenue
    Sumbe, Cwanza Sul province
  • The event runs from 9:00pm on Friday until 2:00am on Sunday morning followed by a DJ show until dawn.


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