San Francisco World Music Festival

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Country and Region United StatesCalifornia
Type of Festival Music
Location of Festival San Francisco, California USA
Festival Contact Information

San Francisco World Music Festival
Door Dog Music Productions
The Thoreau Center (in the Presidio)
1007 General Kennedy Avenue, Suite 215
San Francisco, CA 94129 USA
Phone: (01) 415-561-6571
Fax: (01) 415-561-6572

Festival Description

The Fall Season of the SAN FRANCISCO WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL celebrates with an exciting gathering of some of the most interesting musicians in the world. For the past five years of the festival, the San Francisco World Music Festival has commissioned musicians and artists from different countries to collaborate together to create a new evening-length performance as the centerpiece premiere of the festival.

Festival Dates November 8 - 11, 2012
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Festival Story:

As the first festival of its kind in San Francisco, the San Francisco World Music Festival is where many facets of the world music community unite to present some of the most interesting music from around the Bay Area and the globe. Musicians, producers, studio engineers, radio hosts, ethnomusicologists, documentary filmmakers, music industry executives, etc. gather annually from many disciplines to discuss, perform, and analyze this music in a global context.
Evening World Music Concerts: In the fashion of many Eastern traditions- where musicians and audience collaborate intimately in an environment which does not depend on microphones, elaborate lighting, sound design, or visual stimulation; an environment where the subtle nuances woven into the music can be clearly heard and experienced; and where barriers between audience and performer are broken down. Scheduled at various venues throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.


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