Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

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Country and Region United StatesVirginia
Type of Festival Dance
Location of Festival Norfolk, Virginia USA
Festival Contact Information

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival
Norfolk Festevents
120 W. Main Street
Norfolk, VA 23510 USA
Phone: (01) 757-441-2345
Email: festevents@festevents.org

Festival Description

The first annual Mid-Autumn Moon Festival commemorates one of the most important holidays celebrated by Chinese communities around the world. The local Chinese community compare the Mid Autumn Festival to the American Thanksgiving where families and friends come together to celebrate the bountiful harvest with a plentiful feast. The Festival features the traditional Red Ribbon Dance, and Lion Dance and Dragon Dance performed by the Jow Ga Kung Fu Association of Virginia Beach and Chinese traditional music and folk dance by the Tidewater Chinese School. Other authentic presentations will include cultural performances by the Peninsula Chinese American Association and the Peninsula Chinese School and Tai Chi Demonstrations by Bamboo Grove Taijiquan of Hampton Roads, Virginia.

The Red Ribbon Dance has been performed for centuries—the Chinese have taken great pride in producing beautiful silk ribbons. The Red Ribbon Dance originated from Chinese opera, and has been preserved since the Han dynasty. It has become a traditional dance to perform during festivals. The Moon Festival will host a traditional menu including a variety of types of foods such as Szechwan, Hunan, Shanghainese, Cantonese, Beijing, and Mongolian. In addition, vendors will be serving the traditional “Mooncakes”. “Mooncakes” play a central role in the Moon Festival traditions. The Mid Autumn Moon Festival will host a special closing ceremony to include a children’s lantern parade followed by fireworks choreographed to the Chinese classical “Yellow River Concerto”.

Festival Dates Septembewr 8, 2013
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Practical Info:

  • Town Point Park
    Norfolk, Virginia
  • 2:00pm-7:00pm
  • Free & Open to the Public


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