Stromereien Performance Festival Zurich

Photo credits see Practical information below. Photographer: Christian Glaus
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Country and Region SwitzerlandZurich
Type of Festival Dance, Drama
Location of Festival Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
Festival Contact Information

Stromereien Performance Festival Zürich
c/o Tanzhaus Zürich
Wasserwerkstr. 129
CH-8037 Zürich
Phone: (41) 44-350-26-10
Fax: (41) 44-350-26-12

Festival Description

Stromereien performance festival adds a new dimension to the cultural life of Zürich by giving performance art an exclusive space. Local and international artists coming from different backgrounds such as visual arts, dance and theatre choose a site and present or adapt a performance work exclusively for stromereien (performances are site specific). The location of the event is the shore of the river Limmat and various sites in and around Tanzhaus Wasserwerk Zürich (centre for contemporary dance Zürich). The program consists of internationally renowned invited performance artists and young, local artists who proposed their project to the selection committee. (Check the website for details about application procedures and deadline).

Festival Dates April 2014
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Practical Info:

Photo slideshow credits:
  • In order of appearance from Dutch Dance Festival 2011
    • Artists: Angela Stöcklin, Janeth Berrettini, Götz Dihlmann / Performance “Zona Incognita”, photo by Christian Glaus.
    • Artists: Angela Hausheer and Leo Bachmann / Performance “Landscaping (in between)”, photo by Christian Glaus.
    • Zuschauer, audience of stromereien 11, photo by Christian Glaus.
    • Artists: happysystem (Andreas Müller, Rosalind Crisp, Luigi Archetti, Bo Wiget) / Performance “Sog”, photo by Christian Glaus.


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