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Country and Region SpainGalicia
Type of Festival Dance
Location of Festival Compostela, Galicia, Spain
Festival Contact Information

En Pé de Pedra
Calle Gómez Ulla, 7
Compostela, Spain
Phone: (34) 981-585-166
Email: teatrogalan@mundo-r.com

Festival Description

In Pé de Pedra, the annual dance festival in Santiago is fundamentally made outdoors, where throughout the day representations of dance take place in different public spaces. The architectural frame of the city, and the streets become backdrops to the performances‹where a direct encounter between the spectator and the creator occur without intermediaries. En Pé de Pedra shows different currents from the present creations of the contemporary dance thereby creating a cultural interchange and the presentation of new creators alongside outstanding choreographers. Each year the festival welcomes artists from Japan, Catalonia, Portugal, Madrid, the Canary Islands, Austria, France and Galicia.

In this 12th edition the festival has chosen to welcome two spectacles that by their characteristics must be presented in theater spaces: the Salón Teatro and the Teatro Galán. The spaces tend to modify the choreographer¹s proposals, intensifying certain aspects or mitigating others‹especially the relationship with the spectator, in some cases the space becomes the determining factor.

Festival Dates June 22 - 24, 2007
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Festival Events:

Participants 2007:
  • DACM (France)
  • HISAKO HORIKAWA (Japan) - First Performance
  • RARAVIS (Catalonia)
  • AKEMI TAKEYA (Austria) - presentation in Galicia
  • ANA MARTINS (Portugal) - presentation in Spain
  • EL BAILADERO (Canarias) - First Performance
  • TANZVEREIN ERDBERG (Austria) - presentation in Spain
  • CAPERUCITA POCO ANIMAL (Catalonia) - presentation in Galicia
  • DANIEL ABREU (Madrid)
Program of combined solos “Pure and Hard” 2007:
  • Program of 5 dance solos in the same space
    • UXÍA P. VAELLO (Galicia) - First performance
    • ESTELA LLOVES (Galicia) - First performance
    • LAURA MARRERO (Canarias) - First performance
    • DIEGO ANIDO (Galicia) - First performance
    • ANUSKA ALONSO MONTERO (Galicia) - First performance


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