"NEW LANDSCAPES" Days of Contemporary Theatre Specchi e Memorie in Belgrade

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Country and Region SerbiaCentral Serbia
Type of Festival Drama
Location of Festival Belgrade, Central Serbia, Serbia
Festival Contact Information

Speechi e Memorie
Via Bertinelli, 16
Milano, Italia
Phone: +39 022896423
Email: info@speechimemorie.it

Festival Description

“NEW LANDSCAPES” Days of Contemporary Theatre is produced by Speechi e Memorie, located in Milan, Italy. The programming includes performances and lectures in Belgrade, Serbia.

Festival Dates March 8 - 13, 2011
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Festival Events:

Programming 2011:
  • Tuesday, March 8
    • Performance of the Theatre Specchi e Memorie “MY MARINA”
      The performance is inspired by the life of the Russian poet Marina Cvetaeva who lived between the end of 1800 and the half of 1900. Through her figure it was deepen the relation life-art and the conflicts that come out in the artist, particularly in the life of Marina Cvetaeva in which tragic events exasperated the necessity of an artistic choice and its consequences.
      Director: Massimo Giannetti
      Actors: Daniela Damiani
      Venue — Dah Theatre Research Centre, Maruliceva 8, 8:00pm (20h)
  • Wednesday - Friday, March 9 - 11
      Seminar is led by Theatre Specchi e Memorie
      Introductory seminar to the vision: “The art, the artist, the theatre, the actor”. A work which faces the formative and creative process of the actor as artist.
      Venue — Institution of culture “Parobrod”, Kapetan Misina 6a, 6:00pm - 9:00pm (18h - 21h)
  • Saturday, March 12
    • Performance of the Theatre Specchi e Memorie “THE LAST SKY”_
      “You must go on. I can’t go on. You must go on. You must say words, as long as there are any – you must say them” With these sentences taken from the novel “The Unnameable” by Samuel Beckett, starts the performance “The Last Sky”. In the space two persons; loud noises are the background music of these sentences. Noises of modern times, of busy people running, of fight, of war. The noises of a world that has no more space for poetic, for beauty, for the contemplation that real art needs. Two characters on the scene, two theatre people, who feel that they must continue, even if they know that because of the reality around them, their fate will be like for tragic hero, who is the one that undertakes a venture even if he is conscious that he will fail.
      Director: Massimo Giannetti
      Actors: Daniela Damiani, Saverio Fiano
      Venue — Dah Theatre Research Centre, Maruliceva 8, 8:00pm (20h)
  • Sunday, March 13
    • Lecture of director of the Theatre Specchi e Memorie, Massimo Giannetti “ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS”
      Lecture about possible approach to make bigger and more absolute our vision of reality, as Artist and as Human being too, standing “on the shoulders of Giants”.
      Venue — Institution of culture “Parobrod”, Kapetan Misina 6a, 6:00pm (18h)


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