Dobrofest Trnava

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Country and Region SlovakiaTrnava
Type of Festival Music
Location of Festival Trnava, Trnava, Slovakia
Festival Contact Information

Dobrofest Trnava
Roman Áč
(slovenská a česká hudobná scéna)
Okružná 7, 91700 Trnava
Email:, or, or

Festival Description

The Town of Trnava in Slovak Republic runs an annual International music festival Dobrofest Trnava since 1992. The festival is a tribute to the inventor of resophonic or resonator guitar dobro—John Dopyera. He was Slovak native, who raised in a little village Dolná Krupá not far from Trnava until his departure to USA in the year 1908. In the past years dobroplayers from all over the world came to Trnava to pay the tribute—American, continental Europe, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Czech, Bulgaria, and of course from Slovakia. Since 2002 Dobrofest is a part of EWOB (European World of Bluegrass). The festival has been cancelled for 2009.

Festival Dates June 2010
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