SZIN, Youth Days of Szeged (Szegedi Ifjúsági Napok)

Photos courtesy of SZIN, Szegedi Ifjúsági Napok
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Country and Region HungaryCsongrád
Type of Festival Music
Location of Festival Szeged, Csongrád, Hungary
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SZIN Festival is one of the biggest summer-ending parties that happens during the last weekend of August. The festival was launched in 1968 and had some successful years but took a 20 year break, and then the festival had another re-launching in 2003. The programming is geared towards a youth-oriented event with fantastic concerts and supporting events. Every year thousands of young people visit Szeged to enjoy this spectacular festival.

Festival Dates August 21 - 24, 2013
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Festival Story:

The first truly sustainable festival of Hungary and international Greener Festival Award winner, Szegedi Ifjúsági Napok (SZIN, Youth Days of Szeged) has already made significant steps for the promotion of a greener festival lifestyle by —among others— introducing the so called Re:cup last year. Each year the festival fulfills further green ideas, initiatives will be present on SZIN, the biggest ‘ecodate’.

When can we say a festival is sustainable? It doesn’t necessary mean the income is way above expenses, it is about the ecological footprint of the event which doesn’t exceed the rate of sustainability. Ecological footprint helps to define the scale of human impact on the globe. One’s lifestyle is sustainable, if consumption doesn’t exceed 2,1 global acre. Footprint of SZIN visitors is far less, 1,8 gha, due to the ecological initiatives introduced last year (Re:cup, compostable dinner set, green alternatives of transport, etc.) If each person on Earth lived like an eco-conscious SZIN visitor, humanity could live a long-term sustainable life. This process can’t stop, so organizers present new innovation and ideas this year again.

SZIN organizers plant trees to moderate CO2 emission of the event, furthermore cycling transportation and the propagation of environmental friendly lifestyle will get accentuated attention as well. Main directions and common initiations will be the same this year, however the main message of 2010 is climate change, as – due to Copenhagen – the issue got priority in local and national media as well, moreover this season – after SZIN – a climate conference will be held in Mexico City, where SZIN representatives would like to present their ideas, suggestions, plans contained in a doctrine.

So let’s head on to Mexico, but first, let there be a sustainable SZIN Festival, where we can drink beer from Re:cup, or generate energy for the stages with a bike and at last eco-friendly people can share their love for each other and our planet on a huge ‘ecodate’


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