BITEF - Belgrade International Theatre Festival

Photographer: Sonja Zugic
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Country and Region SerbiaCentral Serbia
Type of Festival Drama
Location of Festival Belgrade, Central Serbia, Serbia
Festival Contact Information

BITEF - Belgrade International Theatre Festival
29/I Terazije
11000 Belgrade
Phone: (381) 11-32-43-108
Fax: (381) 11-32-36-234

Festival Description

Established in 1967, BITEF (Belgrade International Theatre Festival) has constantly been in support of new theatre tendencies, discovering and keeping pace with the latest world achievements of stage art. The Festival is an international festivity of theatrical creativity—of new theatre trends of the international theater and the theatre of Serbia. The Festival is of a competitive nature. Held in Belgrade theatre houses, Sava Centre and town hall. Promoted by BITEF Theatre.

Festival Dates September 22 - October 1, 2013
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Festival Story:

BITEF continues to be the place to catch the crème de la crème of international touring theatre: experimental, avant-garde, or new interpretations of classics. The program is a mixture of masters working today with hot new directors and companies. Each year, the festival has a different theme. In a city rich with cultural offerings throughout the year, the festival stands out as a celebrated destination point for hip intellectuals, wild artists, and fun audiences. As with all great festivals, there is also a great cafe, the BITEF Art Cafe.


Other Sources:

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Podcast Interviews:
Articles and Reviews:
  • New World’s Theatre Order. An International Avant-Garde Festival by Radmilla Djurica (Senior Citizens Magazine, November 11, 2003)
  • Jovan Cirilov, teatrolog: Samozadovoljstvo Je Neotmeno by Vladimir Djuric Djura, Milovan Marcetic from The Reporter (Interview with the artistic director of Bitef, in Serbian; November 16, 2002)
  • The Impossibility of Independence. Yugoslav theatre today. by Anja Susa (Central Europe Review, Vol 1, No 18, 25 October 1999)
  • Performance Review: The 1997 BITEF Festival by Dennis Barnett (Theatre Journal, Volume 50, Number 3, October 1998, pp. 389-394 )
  • The History of Serbian Culture. The Theatre. by Petar Marjanovic (Project Rastko)


Practical Info:

  • Center for Cultural Decontamination / Centar za kulturnu dekontaminaciju
  • Little Theatre « Duško Radović; » / Malo pozorište «Duško Radović;»
  • National Theatre / Narodno pozorište
  • Sava Center/ SavaCentar
  • Sport Recreative Center »Tašmajdan« / Sportsko rekreativni centar Tašmajdan
  • Yugoslav Drama Theatre / Jugoslovensko dramsko pozorište
  • By phone
    (381) 11-32-20-608
  • Online


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