International Festival of Movement and Dance on the Volga (Iskustvo Dvizheniya)

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Country and Region RussiaCentral Federal District
Type of Festival Dance
Location of Festival Yaroslavl, Central Federal District, Russia
Festival Contact Information

Link Vostok
International East-West Arts Exchange
4341 Colfax Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55409 USA
Email: +01 612-822-1907

Festival Description

Link Vostok’s mission is to promote open and stable relationships between international arts communities by fostering creative, cross-cultural exchanges between North America, Europe, Russia and other countries previously separated by the Cold War. The International Festival of Movement and Dance on the Volga “(Iskustvo Dvizheniya) is just one event that is organized on an annual basis by the organization. During this time of political, social and economic uncertainty, Link Vostok recognizes the absolute importance of cross-cultural exchanges in promoting tolerance and respect between cultures and in securing the future of dance as an art form. The creation and presentation of dance performance has become a critical lifeline for an art form that is truggling to survive. As a univeral language, dance breaks down barriers to communication. It is an eloquent expression of the human experience and an effective means to address shifting attitudes in Europe and Russia towards American culture. Collaborative dance projects can inspire Western artists by introducing them to new voices and techniques, and can give Eastern artists valuable exposure to new audiences. Link Vostok addresses these needs through festival, cross-cultural exchanges, and activities that support the financial stability of artists and dance organization. It is the only organization in the U.S. that focuses specifically on East-West exchanges in dance.

Festival Dates August 2008
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