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Country and Region NetherlandsUtrecht
Type of Festival Drama, Music
Location of Festival Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Festival Contact Information

Festival a/d Werf
Huis a/d Werf and Festival a/d Werf
Boorstraat 107
3513 SE Utrecht
The Netherlands
Phone: (31) 302-315-355, or (31) 302-315-844
Email: info@huisaandewerf.nl

Festival Description

This year, the 26th edition of Festival a/d Werf (19th to 28th of May) carries the motto Take it personal! It refers to dealing with important social and political issues such as interculturality, migration, war and conflict of generations, as well as to accessibility and to personal views from artists from several countries. The new artistic director Rainer Hofmann presents work which combines social and political awareness with the search for an adequate contemporary form. About 25 productions from all fields of performing arts will be shown. Part of these will come from Huis a/d Werf, the production house of the festival.

Festival Dates May 19 - 28, 2011
Festival Links http://www.festivalaandewerf.nl/

Festival Story:

Festival a/d Werf is an annual festival that takes place at a wide range of locations, steeping the city of Utrecht in culture for ten days each May. The installations, theatre, dance and music performances are known for its large experimental content. Productions from young artists, partly developed in Huis a/d Werf, are shown next to the creations of internationally renowned makers. It is a festival for artists with a unique view on the world and for audiences unafraid of questioning their own perspectives.


Festival Events:

A special selection of international performances at the festival 2011:
  • Berlin
    • Theatrical documentary about the intended Arabian conquest of European World Heritage
  • Constanza Macras / Dorkypark
    • Enjoyable clash of cultures in a fascinating mix of hiphop, breakdance and documentary theatre with teenagers from the trouble hotspot Neukolln in Berlin
  • Dave St-Pierre
    • Soul and body are exposed unashamedly in this plea for another approach of love
  • Gisele Vienne
    • An alarming confrontation between beauty, harmony, decay and death in a real-life giant forest
  • Ivo Dimchev
    • Typical interpretation of the concept ‘live concert’
  • James Beckett
    • A filmic experience in which nothing is revealed but the revealers themselves
  • Joao Evangelista
    • Family slideshow about two artists who, after their ‘breaking point’, both follow their own way: one in arts, the other in politics
  • Kris Verdonck
    • Three-part installation / performance about how a machine can move people and even take on a human form
  • Lawrence Malstaf
    • A monumental open air installation where banners continuously change like a cloud
  • Quarantine
    • Very succesfull ‘dance party’ from a dancer and his real mother, in which family histories, intimite facts and little snacks come by
  • She She Pop
    • Public barter deals between daughters and their fathers about jewellery and family trees, legal successions, hereditary diseases, loving vows, home care plans, gas receipts, and a sense of guilt
  • Yan Duyvendak
    • Theatrical jukebox of questions, assumptions and fantasies about the islam from which the public can choose


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