Gwacheon Festival

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Country and Region South KoreaGyeonggi-do
Type of Festival Dance, Music
Location of Festival Gwacheon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
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Gwacheon Hanmadang Festival

Festival Description

‘Gwacheon Festival’ is one of the leading street arts festivals in Korea starting from 1997. The festival takes place in late September, presenting theater, dance, visual art, music in public space and Korean traditional outdoor theater, etc. The name of the festival has been changed recently from “Gwacheon Hanmadang Festival” to “Gwacheon Festival”. The festival aims at the contribution to the development of street arts and introducing various street arts to Korean audience. The festival also contributes to the international cultural exchange and encourages collaboration between Korean and international artists. Every year, the festival has around 20 Korean companies, 10 from overseas, and more than 100,000 audiences.

Festival Dates September 25 - 29, 2013
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Photo slideshow credits:
  • In order of appearance — photography bt Ulrich Brinkhoff
    • Photo No. 1 — Left:  Mr. Yim Su-taek, artistic director of Gwacheon Festival Right: Mr Khuon Det, Founder and artistic director of PPS Battambang/Cambodia (Circus School). Photo taken  June 23, 2012 in Lyon/France (at festival “Les Invites de Villeurbanne”). Photo:
    • Photo No. 2 — Performance group Tuida (Korea) together with Snuff Puppets (Australia) with their “Old Songs Odyssey”
    • Photo No. 3 — Studio365  (Korea) with parade street theatre “Alice in Wonderland”. Photo:


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