International Culture Festival Lingaudala

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Country and Region LithuaniaPanevėžys
Type of Festival Dance, Music
Location of Festival Kupiskis, Panevėžys, Lithuania
Festival Contact Information

Įmonės kodas
International Culture Festival Lingaudala
Gedimino g. 40
Kupiškis LT-40129
Phone: +370 190157290

Festival Description

The festival’s objective is to spread the originality of the Kupiskis traditional culture to its community, guests from Lithuania and the world, and seeks to meet and share with the international cultural community. The festival was named “Lingaudala” because of a popular harmony-song that was sung during flax harvesting. Kupiskis developed as a famous region where flax was widely grown, and where flax is placed on Kupiskis’ emblem.

The festival is open to diverse forms and genres of cultural styles that reflect each nation, ethnic group, cultural and historical heritage. The festival offers the opportunity for cultural exchanges and tolerance between people of various nations. It is aimed to emphasise some exact field, phenomenon or object of the Kupiskis cultural heritage.

The festival guests are asked to introduce their calendar festivals, their customs including songs, dances, rituals, costumes, etc. Different collectives of different ages are invited to the festival.

A traditional part of the festival is the folk art fair and their handcrafts. Foreign masters are invited to take part in this fair, which include Slovak bakers, Polish woodworkers, Latvian black ceramics masters, Ukrainian weavers and the Finnish instrumental masters. In addition to the performances and fair is the Eucharist Celebration at the Kupiskis church, where the representatives of all delegations take part.

Festival Dates July 10 - 13, 2009

Festival Story:

Since 1991 the festival local people have made acquaintances with Latvian, Polish, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Russian, Moldovian, Turkish, Indian, African culture presentations, as well as Lithuanian regional cultures. The main obligation of the festival hosts is all-inclusive maintenance during the festival. These include lodging, and nourishment, and local transportation expenses. The festival participants present their customs including songs, dances, rituals, costumes, etc.


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