Boulsa Masks Festival (Festival des Masques de Boulsa - FESTIMAB)

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Country and Region Burkina FasoNamentenga
Type of Festival Dance, Music
Location of Festival Boulsa, Namentenga, Burkina Faso
Festival Contact Information

“Suku Daaga”
03 BP 7045
Ouagadougou 03
Burkina Faso
Phone: (226) 50 32 43 15, or (226) 50 31 84 84

Festival Description

Since 2000 resounding music and dance accompany the masks at the Boulsa Masks Festival, also known as FESTIMAB. Dance and music troupes from the province of Namentenga, Boromo and Dédougou and beyond take part in the celebrations. The events are arranged by Mr. François Dabilgou and take place every two years to promote cultural history and the development of tourism. Masks play a great part in the cultural identity of the Burkina Faso people and encourage exchange and friendship among participants.

Festival Dates May 30 - June 1, 2008
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