Reykjavik Accordion Festival

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Country and Region IcelandReykjavík
Type of Festival Music
Location of Festival Reykjavik, Iceland
Festival Contact Information

Reykjavik Accordion Festival
General Agency/Genage Music
Mr. Jónatan Karlsson
Holmgardur 18
108 Reykjavik
Phone: (354) 553-4076
Fax: (354) 553-4072

Festival Description

This festival is designed to provide an opportunity for accordion enthusiasts to meet their colleagues and present the accordion and accordion music to the public. One goal is to offer as varied a program as possible so that people can see and hear this instrument played in as many different ways as possible. The instrument has been played in Iceland for generations and is an important part of the musical heritage of the nation. In recent years, the instrument’s popularity has increased as more people are learning to play and the instrument is used in contemporary and traditional music. The great number of women playing the instrument is another positive sign of the times.

Festival Dates July 14 - 15, 2012
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