Sopron Festival Weeks (Soproni Tavaszi Fesztivál)

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Country and Region HungaryGyôr-Moson-Sopron
Type of Festival Drama, Music
Location of Festival Sopron, Gyôr-Moson-Sopron, Hungary
Festival Contact Information

Soproni Tavaszi Fesztivál
Liszt Ferenc Conference and Cultural CenterLiszt Ferenc utca 1.
9401 Sopron, Pf.: 241, Hungary
Phone: (36) 6-99-517-500
Fax: (36) 6-99-517-516
Tickets: (36) 6-99-517-517
Fax: (36) 6-99-517-542

Festival Description

Sopron Festival Weeks is a festival with more than four decades of tradition, providing special programmes for those interested in culture. The festival lasts three weeks from the middle of June on. Main venue of the Festival is the Fertőrákos Cave Theatre, famous for its opera performances. During the festival's three weeks theatre performances, chamber concerts, open-air markets, folklore events and children's programmes can be seen in different squares and courtyards of the historic town. 'Days of Ancient Music' is a festival, which is part of SFW, with baroque music courses and concerts. At the town's exclusive exhibition hall, at Painter's Hall, works of artists, of professional groups of regional or international importance can be visited.

Festival Dates June 19 - July 10, 2010
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