International Choral Fesival of Preveza and 17th International Choral Competition of Sacred Music — Choral society “Armonia” of Preveza

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Country and Region GreeceEpirus and Western Macedonia
Type of Festival Music
Location of Festival Preveza, Epirus and Western Macedonia, Greece
Festival Contact Information

International Choral Fesival of Preveza and International Choral Competition of Sacred Music
Choral society “Armonia” of Preveza
P. O. Box 139
481 00 Preveza
Phone: (30) 268-202-4915
Fax: (30) 268-202-9852
Email:, or

Festival Description

The town of Preveza hosts both the International Choral Festival of Preveza and the International Choral Competition of Sacred Music at the same time. Choir Armonia welcomes to Preveza all the fine choirs from Greece and throughout the world for these simultaneous events.

The International Choral Festival of Preveza counts 28 interesting and exciting years of high quality choral music, challenged by excellent choirs which are continuously raising its standards and a great variety of intercultural experiences with participants from all over the world.

The Festival includes numerous concerts given at idyllic locations of the area like the seaside fortress of Preveza and the historic Ancient Auditorium of Nicopolis ‘Odeon’. The other part of the Festival is the prestigious competition for which through the years we have been honoured to have internationally been acclaimed experts of the field overseas. Only amateur singers’ choirs can take part in the competition (this rule does not apply to the conductors). The competitive performances will be given in a concert hall in the presence of audience. The non-competitive performances will be given at open–air places at several parts of the town.

Festival Dates July 3 - 6, 2014
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Practical Info:

Competiton Categories:
  • Each choir may participate and compete in all six (6) categories and have the opportunity to compete in more than one category. The categories of the Competition are the following—
    • Category A: Mixed choirs with a minimum of 22 singers. The maximum is not limited.
    • Category B: Equal voices’ choirs (male or female) with a minimum of 22 singers. The maximum is not limited.
    • Category C: Children’s choirs with a minimum of 22 singers. The maximum is not limited. Maximum age is 17 years.
    • Category D: Chamber choirs (mixed, male or female ensembles) with a maximum of 20 singers.
    • Category E: Youth choirs (mixed or female ensembles). Minimum of twenty two (22) singers and age limit of 25 years.
Repertoire Requirements:
  • The choirs of categories A, B, C, D and E must prepare on free choice 4 pieces of sacred music and a folk song from the choir's country of origin. All the choirs will be competing in works "a cappella" and on free choice of intonation (identified in advance). The whole competition program should not exceed 20 minutes for each category. In the repertory must be included:
    • A piece of sacred music composed before 1800.
    • A piece of sacred music composed between 1800 – 1950
    • A piece of sacred music composed after 1950
Non – competitive concerts:
  • The place and the time for the non-competitive concerts will be arranged by the Organizing Committee. Pieces of each choir's choice will be performed "a cappella" within 10-15 minutes.
International Jury Committee:
  • An International Jury Committee, consisting of at least three well-known Greek and/or foreign musicians will judge the competitive part of the festival and mark each performance based on the following:
    • Technique (rhythm, articulation and sound)
    • Difficulty
    • Intonation
    • Interpretation
    • Stylistic fidelity
  • The International Jury Committee allocates marks for the technical and artistic quality of the chosen programme and the overall quality of its performance. It will also take into account how well the choir communicates with the audience in a performance situation. The results of the marking process will be unappeasable and irrefutable in all aspects.
Compulsory Pieces:
  • All the choirs are required to prepare a compulsory piece. This will be selected between the two which will be suggested for each category and sent to them by the artistic management of the festival.
“A cappella” — Intonation:
  • All the choirs will be competing in works “a cappella” and on free choice of intonation (identified in advance).
  • The whole competition program should not exceed 20 minutes for each category.
Marking - Medals:
  • The I.J.C will award prizes to the choirs, which will have achieved the following marks:
    • From 90,00 to 100 points — Gold medal
    • From 80,00 to 89,99 points — Silver medal
    • From 70,00 to 79,99 points — Bronze medal
Marking – Prize Money:
  • The following prize money will be awarded to the choirs with gold medal and with the highest mark in each category:
    • Category A: 500€ & 1st prize
    • Category B: 400€ & 1st prize
    • Category C: 400€ & 1st prize
    • Category D: 300€ & 1st prize
    • Category E: 400€ & 1st prize
Marking – Special Prizes:
  • The I.J.C. may award other special prizes:
    • For the best performance of orthodox chant
    • For the best folklore performance
    • For the best conducting, e.t.c.
Awarding Ceremony:
  • All the prizes, certificates and diplomas will be announced and handed in at a special ceremony in the presence of audience and authorities, where the choirs selected by the International Jury Committee will perform one (1) or two (2) songs also chosen by the I.J.C.
Application Procedure 2014:
  • Closing date for receipt of completed applications is April 1, 2014.
  • Once the appropriate material is received, it will be evaluated and the applicant choir will be informed whether they are chosen to participate or not.
  • Concerning the compulsory works of each category, they will be announced and sent to each choir after 10th April 2011.
  • Each choir is required to forward:
    • A fully detailed application form.
    • A short history of the choir and curriculum vitae of the conductor.
    • A photograph of the choir and another one of the conductor (suitable for publicity purposes).
    • A recent CD recording of the choir.
    • Six (6) scores of every piece of the choir’s choice.
    • A list of the names and addresses of the choir members that do not hold EU passports.
  • The registration fee, € 400 by cheque mailed to the address of the festival or transferred to the following account:
      Choral society “Armonia” of Preveza in the names:
      Apostolos Antoniou
      Vasiliki Sarri
      Account number: 448/776819-22
      Swift Code – Bic: ETHNGRAA
      IBAN: GR 8701 1044 8000 0044 8776 81922
  • All the above material is to be sent to the following address:
    • Choral Society “Armonia” of Preveza
      P. O. Box 29
      GR – 481 00, Preveza GREECE
  • For any further information, please contact us on the following:
    Phone: 0030 2682 0 24915
    Fax: 0030 2682 0 29852


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