The Suitcase Festival

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Country and Region United StatesWashington
Type of Festival Drama
Location of Festival Seattle, Washington, USA
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Infinity Live Productions
Email: info (at)

Festival Description

The Suitcase Festival presents 10 stellar touring shows from around the world including Theater, Dance, Puppetry, Comedy, Storytelling, Magic, Experimental Performance. For the past five years Infinity Live Productions has scoured every fringe festival, funky venue, performance art gathering, comedy show and street festival around, searching for the finest live performance acts in all genres. We have looked under every stone and found the needle in every haystack. Now, we are bringing the results back to Seattle for the first ever Suitcase Festival, a five-week cavalcade of innovative performances. Featuring acts as local as Seattle and as distant as Australia, The Suitcase Festival presents 10 different top-notch productions from Sept. 10 – Oct. 10 at Annex Theatre.

Festival Dates September 10 - October 10, 2010
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Festival Events:

Festival Schedule 2009:
  • Thursday to Saturday, Sept. 10-12, 8:00pm
    • ‘Fear of a Brown Planet’ by The Chocolate Prophet (Toronto, Canada)
    • ‘More Bange For Your Buck!’ by Chris Bange (Seattle)
  • Thursday to Saturday, Sept. 17-19, 8:00pm
    • ‘Cigarettes and Chicken Coops – Three American Fairy Tales’ by Bret Fetzer (Seattle)
    • ‘Purple Heart’ by Mike Mathieu (Bellingham)
  • Thursday to Saturday, Sept. 24-26, 8:00pm
    • ‘Grandpa Sol & Grandma Rosie: A Puppet Adventure Among the Aged and Infirm’ by That Girl Entertainment (Melbourne, Australia)
    • ‘I Am for Now, Maybe Not Later’ by Schuchart & Rodero (Milwaukee)
  • Thursday to Saturday, Oct. 1-3, 8:00pm
    • ‘Cyclosa Confusa’ by Andrew Connor (Bellingham)
    • ‘The Accident’ by Jonno Katz (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Thursday to Saturday, Oct. 8-10, 8:00pm
    • ‘The Moon, The Raccoon, The Hot Air Balloon’ by The Missoula Oblongata (Baltimore)
    • ‘Storm Still’ by The Nonsense Company (Madison, WI)


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Photo Credits:
  • In order of appearance
    • Andrew Connor (Bellingham, WA) presents: ‘Cyclosa Confusa’
    • Bret Fetzer (Seattle, WA) presents: ‘Cigarettes and Chicken Coops - Three American Fairy Tales’
    • That Girl Entertainment (Melbourne, Australia) presents: ‘Grandpa Sol & Grandma Rosie: A Puppet Adventure Among the Aged and Infirm’
    • Chris Bange (Seattle, WA) presents: ‘More Bange For Your Buck!’
    • The Missoula Oblongata (Baltimore, MD) presents: ‘The Moon, The Raccoon, The Hot Air Balloon’


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