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What’s the best way for artists to use Twitter?

As posted this week in Culture News, here’s an answer from the source: Biz Stone (@biz), co-founder of the fastest growing social network tool.

In a Billboard interview with Evie Nagy, Stone offers his top tips for how artists can reach and connect with their audiences. Although Stone thinks in terms of bands, his Twitter advice easily applies to all artists.

Make Your @username Your Calling Card
If you post your Twitter address everywhere you post your name, fans and supporters will be able to easily find you — and your tweets.

Twitter Spontaneously
The Twitter goal is to use the service for direct and immediate communication. While I doubt that few people would want an hour by hour update of anyone’s life, there is something to regularly posting tweets as a way of keeping one’s followers involved. After all, it’s only a thought in 140 characters or less.

Find Music’s Tweet Spot
Stone hopes that more artists will incorporate a live stream of visible twitter posts during an event — the ultimate in audience feedback.

Establish Your Rules of Engagement
As with many new social networks, artists can not only customize their use of Twitter but also the boundaries of access.

Use the Platform Commitment-Free
Although Stone obviously wants everyone to sign up for Twitter, one can still follow Twitter posts without committing to the service

Surely, any way for fans or supporters to have personal contact from an artist is a good thing.

The more we break down barriers between the stage and the audience the better the work will be onstage. After all, our tradition of festivals comes from Ancient Greece, where there was no division between those who performed and those who watched. Everyone was part of the same community.

Now there’s a Twitter community.

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- Bill Reichblum

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