Alpha Contest; Beta Home

The newest iteration of our home page is now live on the site. If you have been following our progress during this beta testing period, you know that each week we have been refining the site based on user experience, and adding to the site with contributions from our team, festivals, artists and other users.

Throughout this process, the site is positioned as a weekly destination point. For those real fans of ours (those that check the site at least once every seven hours!), you know that each day we add or adjust site content, such as new announced dates for a festival, or new background links, or new festivals. At the beginning of each week, new information is highlighted on our home page. The weekly schedule also lets us plan new roll-outs of options, tools and possibilities.

The new home page has developed a process of transformation. Last week, there was a transition page from the earlier design to the current one. There are now four areas from which you are able to begin: Spotlight on what’s happening right now in the world; Experiment with different ways of searching through the site and capturing all the different kinds of content we have; Create your own voice on the site through the forum or this blog; and Contribute information, festival stories, photographs or other content.

As always, please do not hesitate to give us feedback on the design, usability, and any Palazzo Ducale oversight - by intention or not. (Ok, that was a pretty obscure reference. But, it’s a game we often play: replace a common phrase or proper name with a cultural/artistic/fun reference.)

So, let’s begin the first KadmusArts Kontest: if you write me (via the blog comments) the meaning of the reference, you win a free drink the next time I am traveling through your neighborhood.

Assuming that you are an honest person — a good position to have when meeting someone — you can’t play the game if you click on this link which will tell you about the connection between our design feedback and what’s notable about Duke Federico de Montefeltro’s design.

Don’t forget to keep checking the site and letting us know what you think, and what you dream for the site.

- Bill Reichblum

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