Best Tag Cloud

Ernest Borgnine

Photo by Alan Light — Creative Commons License Some Rights Reserved

Artists create the opportunity to say what no one else will say.

Television prays for a spontaneous moment to make news.

Online sites search for the best tag cloud.

How wonderful when all three come together in one priceless moment:

As posted in KArts Culture News this week, Ernest Borgnine, at age ninety-one, offers one of his most astonishing, dramatic, and just pure fun performances.

To extend Ernest’s reach, as it were, here’s a start to the perfect, the best tag cloud:

Academy Award, Masturbation, Ethel Merman, B Movie Actor, Rupert Murdoch, Barter Theatre, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Book Sales, From Here to Eternity, Broadway, Classical Actor, Charles Bronson, Male Nurse, Conservative News, Embarrassment, High Art/Low Art, Marty, Oscar, Poseidon Adventure, Live TV, Fatso, Spencer Tracy, Frank Sinatra, James Dean, James Cagney, McHale’s Navy, Squarepusher, Grand Clown, Freemason, Weird Al Yankovic, YouTube, Viral Star.

Oh, thank you Ernest.

Surely, there are more tag possibilities here.

Now your turn: Other tags?

Tag — You’re It.

- Bill Reichblum

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