Silly Dance, World Peace

Matt Harding

Photo by James Everett — Creative Commons License Some Rights Reserved

A jester’s dance makes a gesture for world peace.

Matt Harding creates a silly dance step, travels around the world, and invites others to join him in front of a camera. It is so simple, so direct, and so much fun, one can’t help but smile at the result: Watch the Video.

Courtesy of Stride Gum, Matt was able to spend his time traveling (surely one of the best gigs one could have) and make the video over the course of a year.

Posted a month ago, Matt’s video has been seen over six million times — that’s six million moments of enjoyment passed around the world, and counting. Set to great music by Garry Schyman, as Matt moves from one place to another one can’t help but feel better about our world. Everyone in the video is moving, smiling, and laughing.

People across cultures and across continents share in one of our most admirable traits: the willingness to act foolishly.

It is hard to think about war, when you are dancing like a fool. It’s also hard to take life so seriously, when you are having so much fun.

A new goal: each day, take a few moments to create a fool’s dance. This might not solve all our time’s horrors and injustices, but at least it’s fun, and a start.

Change the world, one silly dance at a time.

- Bill Reichblum

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