When You are Smiling

Tragedy is easy, comedy is hard.

The old adage about acting holds true across the arts: It is easy to be intense and serious; it is hard to make an audience smile and laugh.

So, when there is a chance to find a little laughter, and especially to laugh at ourselves, we need to embrace the moment. Art can be a divine inspiration; laughter a divine gift.

Recently, we brought you the greatest Disco teaching video ever made.

Now, another look back at how far we have come in our dance steps. There’s nothing like old-fashioned choreography to make us laugh — and to provide a humbling context for our own current hipness.

“I Wanna Love You Tender” inaugurates a new KadmusArts series:

We are looking for the best dance, music, and theatre videos that — intentionally or not — bring a genuine smile to our too-often disingenuous world of politicians and poseurs.

Let us know what you find — or create. Send us links to the videos.

After all, When You are Smiling…

- Bill Reichblum

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