Disco Ball to Tecktonik Brand


Photo by Romain H. — Creative Commons License Some Rights Reserved

Thirty years after giving the world disco, France has given us a new dance culture, albeit one where the brand is as important as the moves.

Can anyone be nostalgic for disco? The music, those clothes, the attitude: all can found at the international disco museum — yes, the Disco Museum.

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In those innocent days before instantaneous worldwide video distribution, Marc Cerrone created his seventeen minute Love in C Minor, and Henri Belolo helped ignite the sound of the Village People. Now, who owns all those mirrored balls?

As posted in KArts Culture News this week, there is now a new dance craze that is a combination of techno and hip-hop styles, with moves like “Le Brushing” and “Le Pot de Gel.”

Tecktonik, though, is as much a dance as it is a brand.

Alexandre Barouzdin and his partner Cyril Blanc have put in a trademark for any use of the Tecktonik name. Seven years ago, Barouzdin and Blanc hosted parties called “Tecktonik Killer” at the Metropolis club in Paris. Barouzdin takes credit for naming Tecktonik for his impression of the different dance styles colliding on the dance floor like tectonic plates. From the club’s wild scene to the open space outside of Centre Pompidou, the style became a rage, and a movement was born.

Now there is the logo, the gum, the energy drink, clothes, the mobile handset, hair salons, and, of course, the soon to be video game.

The best description so far: “Weird-looking teenagers seemingly trying to rip their own heads off.”

Wonder what they said about the first disco dancers?

- Bill Reichblum

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