What’s the Buzz? Tell Me What’s A-Happening

Blogging at the Crossroads

Photo by Mick Orlosky — Creative Commons License Some Rights Reserved

Who’s up? Who’s down? How do you know?

Billboard magazine has the answer. In a new feature, Billboard has created The Buzz 100, a weekly scoreboard that attempts to combine the pop music singles chart with the number of references in blogs across the web.

Aren’t you dying to know who’s on top? The Beatles or Britney? Bob Dylan or High School Musical?

On the edge of your seat? This week, Lennon has pulled ahead of McCartney; Lindsay Lohan has out blogged Justin Timberlake; and, for no apparent reason, Elvis Presley is more current than Paula Abdul.

Want to know more? Billboard also provides a chart of the “Buzz Level” for the top five performers noting the percentage change of posts throughout the whole week!

Is there something of value that’s revealed in the rankings?

More to the point, is there supposed to be a correlation between artistic success and the number of times one is mentioned in blogs? (Lennon fans take note: the week that McCartney’s divorce came through he was ahead of John Lennon.)

Maybe the best course is to follow the response to “What’s the Buzz?” that the star-man sang in the show:

Why should you want to know?
Don’t you mind about the future.
Don’t you try to think ahead.
Save tomorrow for tomorrow.
Think about today instead.

Now, amongst their other accomplishments, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice have provided advice to producers, artists, and even audiences.

Then again, neither of them is on this week’s Billboard Buzz 100.

- Bill Reichblum

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