Interview: Hartmut Schaffrin (English Translation)

Hartmut Schaffrin PhotoIn its 2005/2006 season, spielzeiteuropa presented twelve productions with a common focus on theatrical research into memory — the memory of the body, and the memory of the mind. As a special project for this season, the festival introduced a Jugendtour (youth tour), with the explicit goal of bringing a younger audience into the theater festival community. Hartmut Schaffrin was in charge of the Jugendtour. He is a production manager of youth projects, mostly related to theater, and is associated with JugendTheaterWerkstatt Spandau in Berlin. In a short interview Hartmut Schaffrin shares his ideas about the mission of the Jugendtour, the achievements and failures involved in putting the idea into practice for the first time, as well as a few words about his personal impressions from the most recent edition of spielzeiteuropa.

This interview is translated from the original German by Sofiya Skachko.

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One Response to “Interview: Hartmut Schaffrin (English Translation)”

  1. Rebecca Schaffrin
    June 29th, 2008 21:58

    thought I would see how many Schaffrins were listed on the website… who knows he might be related to me… you never know…

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