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Anytime there is a new outlet for showcasing a wide range of the best in the arts, there is a reason to cheer. When KadmusArts gets to play a part, there’s a reason for an ovation — in this case, literally.

This week, an arts channel is reborn in the US. OvationTV will be America’s only twenty-four hour national television network focused on the arts. First launched in 1996, the network is re-launching with national coverage via satellite carrier, DIRECTV, and a new creative team behind the ideas, program choices, and audience opportunities.

We’ve been going through their program selections, and it’s really cool. (You have to be happy about a channel that offers everything from Kabuki to Leonard Cohen, Andy Warhol to Henry Darger, and Jackson Pollock to John Coltrane.) Even more importantly, they have been reaching out to arts organizations to provide new platforms for groups to promote their own work.

In the no-shame-to-promotion category, team KadmusArts is working on Ovation’s website to help provide content, context, and other fun online connections to the programs and the artists featured.

Be sure to check out the site, which Ovation is developing step by step. You can also find information on how to get the channel, and as well as initiatives in programming and opportunities for arts organizations and companies.

Think of it as a kind of multi-arts festival ready for you 24/7. A definite KadmusArts Ovation.

- Bill Reichblum

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