Let’s Dance

The International Dance Council (CID) designates April 29 as World Dance Day. Have you been dancing?

The day attempts to attract a “new public, people who do not follow dance events during the course of the year.”

So, what can you do at this moment to celebrate? If you click on dance here at KadmusArts you will find there are currently 1,332 dance related items on our site. By learning about what dance events are near you, you’ve contributed to World Dance Day. Even more, if you go to one of the events - near or far - you’ve contributed the most special gift: to be an audience member.

In the meantime, here is the “Official Message for Dance Day” 2006:

Dancers are notoriously reluctant to join collective organizations. They are probably afraid that organizing will restrict their freedom to express themselves. Or they think that the time spent and the membership fee are not worth the benefits gained.
Many associations or federations have only a few dozen members: a small fraction of the total in their area or field. Lacking in representativity they lack credibility, thus they cannot act as interlocutors of governments and other high-level bodies. They cannot inspire confidence in non-members.
This explains why the art of dance is lacking in legislation, in visibility, in financing, when compared to other arts.
Belonging to a wider structure does not limit the way one performs, or teaches, or researches, or makes choreographies. Without influencing one’s everyday work, it improves the framework, the environment of one’s action.
Collective bodies provide a wider spectrum of services to their members. Deprived of such services by acting in isolation, schools, companies, clubs, festivals will remain handicapped.
CID encourages the strengthening of regional, national or branch associations by enlarging their membership.
Let us combine our actions, let us orchestrate our music by escaping the cacophony of isolated sounds.

Dancers of the world, unite!

Prof. Alkis Raftis
President of the International Dance Council

If you would like to learn more about “dancers of the world, unite!” (isn’t there an old song people used to dance to with a slightly modified version of that phrase?), do check out CID’s site.

As long as you are in the mood to unite, check out Ana Maria’s view of New Orleans from her stay for the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. One post is certainly a cause for a joyous dance; the other makes me think of Martha Graham’s Lamentation.

- Bill Reichblum

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