The KadmusArts Beta Test

KadmusArts is beta-testing this website: a gateway to performing arts festivals. This week, we are inviting users to give the site a structural test drive. This is the first phase of our beta testing.

For this phase, we have invited technologist colleagues to hit the site from all directions. If you have found this site on your own, please do help us by doing the same and letting us know how it is working for you.

Participation is a key to our approach. We want each user to be a stakeholder of the site. As you will see, there are numerous opportunities for site users to provide content, context, programs, ideas, and participate in conversations with festival artists, producers, audiences, and cultural tourists.

To begin the beta test, please go to our home page for more information. Then let us know about your experience by providing your comments here, or in conversation with others on our KadmusArts Forum. You will also find the links to each KadmusArts team member’s email address in the About section.

During the beta testing we will be adding more festival content. This approach was an issue in our internal discussions and those conducted with fellow internet start-up travelers. We could wait to launch until we have a perfect set of information on every country and every festival. However, the site’s content is not static. The site is designed to be participatory - to expand with the needs and interests of our users. The process parallels the creation of art: you strive for perfection knowing that it cannot be attained. Art works when it resonates with an audience and the audience joins the process of discovery. We feel the best way to participate in our community of festivals and cultural tourists is to build the site with our users.

We have created a structure that can expand as the information and exchanges grow. This week’s focus is on how well the structure is working.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for joining KadmusArts as we begin this journey to the performing arts festivals around the world.

- Bill Reichblum

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