Golden Stream Award

Mannekin Pis

Photo by Kim Davies — Creative Commons License Some Rights Reserved

Hollywood’s Oscar winners have their golden statues awards. Now, a festival is about to win a golden stream award.

At KadmusArts, we connect festival producers and promoters, artists and bands, audiences and fans. In so doing, we not only get to be part of great live events, we also get to monitor trends, markets and new initiatives.

Here’s the best idea of the week. A music festival is hoping to solve an old age problem: When you have to go, where should you go?

The always fantastic Roskilde Festival is holding a “Piss-Off Seminar” to spark a crowd source solution to a common festival problem. With so many gathered at outdoor festivals, one often uses the nearest post rather than waiting in line for the farthest bowl. No matter how well organized, festival goers will always find ways to go on their own. (As evidence, check out the video.) The seminar is designed to solicit the best ideas for getting people to use toilets. Who can miss?

Yet, again, Roskilde is leading the way forward. Roskilde has been at the forefront of festival producing and creative thinking for forty years. This year, 75,000 festival goers will gather in Denmark for eight days to see 150 bands perform on six stages. All of the festival’s profits go to humanitarian aid and cultural development. The 25,000 volunteers who make the festival happen are also part of a green movement commitment.

What better way to solve a festival problem than with fun, creativity and a coming-together.

So, congratulations to all the Academy Award winners. And, now on to the Golden Stream Awards.

- Bill Reichblum

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