Online in the Big City

This week KadmusArts will be part of the Association of Performing Arts Presenters‘ annual conference in New York for six thousand presenters (theatres, concert halls, cultural centers), artists, and their management companies.

Calling the gathering a “conference” does not quite do it justice. Throughout the day and night there are performances spread around the city to introduce the latest work and projects being developed for touring. The weekend is focused on the exhibition hall for meeting with artists and/or their representatives to make touring connections. There are also organized activities for new leaders in the field, as well as targeted arts work such as world music.

Of course, there are also luncheons, speakers, workshops, and panels. KadmusArts is part of the workshop “Going online to Promote, Distribute, and Protect,” for artists on using new technologies and web sites (such as KadmusArts).

Our panel, open to everyone at the conference, is “Creating Culture: How 21st century online networks, tools and technologies propel innovation in the studio, sustain performing arts venues, and build new audiences.” (This might win an award for the longest title, but then again, it is also a long session.) Joining the panel will be Lane Czaplinski from On the Boards, Sean Elwood of Creative Capital, Tamara Turner of CD Baby, and Ben Roe of RoeDeo Productions.

If you have any ideas of web sites, tools, or technologies to introduce to the field, do let us know so we can include it in these sessions, as well as the scheduled follow-up sessions that have been organized for us during the conference. As you can add to the site at any time, send in the ideas at any time during the week — we are good at improvising. This is a great way to show the reach and imagination of what is happening in the online community, in the rehearsal room, and onstage.

It is rather amazing to think of all these new options available to artists and audiences. A simple case in point: we will be doing these presentations in New York City, based on all that we have developed from our small studio in the countryside of Vermont, with over 5,000 festivals and their artists and audiences around the world. Pretty cool.

- Bill Reichblum

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