The Internet Services Providers Association (ISPA — not to be confused with the other ISPA, International Society for the Performing Arts) has announced the nominations for the internet’s “heroes and villains of 2006.”

Their villains include European commissioner Viviane Reding for “foisting the most arcane set of rules yet seen for prior registration of dot-eu domains,” the British Phonographic Industry for trying to get names and addresses of customers, and the US Government — for its new rules on internet gambling.

Their hero nominees include Vodafone with its blocking kids’ ability to access porn and gambling, along with Simon Watkins and the Home Office for “standing up to the European Union.”

If you can stand the wait, awards will be announced on February 15.

Looking at the world through the lens of heroes and villains is not such a bad way to take stock of the accomplishments and the wormholes (i.e. negative energy) around us.

So, let’s take our inspiration from ISPA (not to be confused with the all the other ISPAs: International Spa Association, International Sleep Products Association, International School Psychology Association) and begin to think about who will be the festival heroes and villains of 2007.

What would be the possible résumé highlights to get a nomination?

Villains will be those who appear to devote their life’s mission, or at least 2007, to creating banal obstacles rather than artistic opportunities. One can imagine villains will attain nomination status for, amongst other festival infractions, being: Responsible for preventing artistic expression; responsible for blocking gathering of fans for artistic event; or, artists who refuse to perform live.

Heroes will appear wherever a new festival has been started; or, by increasing audiences for a festival experience; or, creating the wildest festival moment. This will, obviously, make it more difficult to honor the few among so many. It is one of the nicest aspects of working in the arts: there are a lot of heroes.

Let’s find them in 2007.

In the meantime, a little inspiration from Brian Wilson performing his Heroes and Villains from the heroic album, SMILE.

- Bill Reichblum

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