How to Live Like a Rock Star

A question for the holiday season: What do rock stars do all day?

What’s the holiday connection? In this time before the New Year, with a lot of offices/studios/rehearsal halls closed, many stay home and, it appears, imitate rock stars — or at least David Bowie.

Kadmus Arts’ Festival News included a story on a day in the life of David Bowie. What’s the festival connection? Bowie, who has been at the front of so many music trends, is preparing to put together a new music festival — in New York, next May. In the meantime, he has been taking time off from touring, and from producing a new album. So, what does he do during the day?

I go for a walk every morning and I watch a ton of movies. One day, I watched three Woody Allen movies in a row.

Doesn’t this make you feel better? It’s not that you are being unproductive, slothful, and affirming passive entertainment. It’s that you are living the life of a rock star!

Considering, though, that Bowie is leading this life for much longer than the holiday week, reminds us of another one of those crystal-clear facts-of-life: rock stars have a great life!

Now, if we could only make equally great music. Time to go for a walk.

- Bill Reichblum

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