On the Road

I’ve been on the road… if only like Kerouac. The New York Times Travel Show was an international gathering of national tourist bureaus, travel companies, travel agents, and tourist service organizations, or as they headline: “25,000 travel enthusiasts; 5,000 travel professionals; 500 top exhibitors.” (Obviously, they were lucky that each category happened to end at a multiple of 5.)

On the first morning, the Show offered panels on issues facing the travel industry. There were a number of really interesting points of view presented on travel and web integration; cultural destination promotion; and partnership models for web-based and on-the-ground services. (Of course, each of these areas is directly relevant to what we are trying to accomplish here at KadmusArts.)

If that’s all a bit too inside-info for you, here’s something: a session on airport security was moderated by the Associate Dean of the Tisch Center for Hospitality at New York University. (Did you even know there was a graduate school for hospitality?) Listening to the panel review the approaches and practices for screening of passengers at airports, the Dean said, “In my experience, you can see more body parts at the security checkpoints than you can in porno films.”

Kind of makes you wonder what airports she has been to. Or, what films she has seen. Or, if the students get to go on field trips.

The floor of the travel show was filled with booths offering booklets, foods, and little logo saturated trinkets such as pens, plastic bags, and magnets. Given that none of these items is what draws one to travel to a place, it raises the question: what makes you travel?

Don’t you think traveling is about “meeting” (in the best Gurdjieffian sense) or someone new? Isn’t it about opening one’s self to a new experience; an experience different from one’s day to day life? Isn’t it about discovery? Isn’t it about no longer being in one’s routine, being on one’s firm ground? Isn’t it about being unbalanced?

In other words, traveling is the exact same state of being as being confronted with good art: a meeting, a new experience, a discovery, a different ground, an unbalancing.

At a festival, these kinds of experiences happen at every step, every day, every night, every trip.

You see where this is going? This site has the opportunity to combine both of these activities for you: traveling and art.

Of course, one can use the site to travel vicariously. You can still discover and experience art through the site. In fact, not too far down the road, we’ll be bringing more opportunities to hear and see the art taking place all around the world.

We are starting to get more stories about the festivals (in the forum and on festival pages). Check them out, and then add your own.

As I began with Kerouac, his friend Ken Kesey gets the last word: “To hell with facts. We need stories!”

- Bill Reichblum

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  1. Anastasia
    March 13th, 2006 15:55

    I took a look :) Good idea! I sent a link for friends

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