PuSh International Performing Arts Festival


A key stop on everyone’s festival destination tour is the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival. For three weeks in January, Vancouver’s PuSH presents the best in contemporary performance.
As part of the celebration of Vancouver’s 125th anniversary, this year many performances explore notions of “Cityness”. Hugh Hughes and acclaimed theatre company Hoipolloi perform Floating, an account of what happens when a Welsh island breaks away from mainland Britain. In 100% Vancouver, one hundred citizens of Vancouver enter the stage and sort themselves according to a variety of demographics, creating a living breathing portrait of the city.
Like to see bodies in motion, in contact, and in the air? Circa combines physical beauty and outstanding circus skills in a funny yet savage performance.
Want to meet the minds behind the curtain? Listen to KadmusArts interview Norman Armour, PuSh director and Sherrie Johnson, Push Senior Curator.
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