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Wireless Systems

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Wireless Systems
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Wireless Systems

Product Information
UHF-R Wireless System . RF Carrier Frequency Range: 518-865 MHz, depending on region . Working Range: 150 m (500 ft.), under typical conditions . 500 m (1600 ft) line-of-sight, outdoors for a single system . NOTE: Actual working range depends on RF signal absorption, reflection and . interference . Audio Frequency Response40 18,000 Hz, (+1 dB, -3 dB). NOTE: Overall system frequency response depends on the microphone element . Gain Adjustment Range: UR1: -20 to +35 dB; UR2: -10 to +20 dB . Modulation: FM (45 kHz max. deviation), compander system with pre- and . de-emphasis . Dynamic Range: >105 dB, A-weighted . Image Rejection: >110 dB typical . RF Sensitivity-110 dBm Typical 12 dB SINAD; 105 dBm Typical 30 dB SINAD . Ultimate Quieting (ref. 45 kHz deviation): >100 dB, A-weighted . Signal Polarity: Positive pressure on microphone diaphragm (or positive voltage . applied to tip of WA302 phone plug) produces positive voltage . on XLR output
* UR4D Dual Channel Diversity Receiver
* 2400 Selectable Frequencies Across 60 MHz Bandwidth
* Track Tuning Filtering Technology
* Up to 60 Preset Compatible Systems/Band (140 w/Multiple Bands, Region Dependent)
* Networked Automatic Frequency Selection
* Automatic Transmitter Setup (including Custom Group Upload)
* Flash Memory to Store Six 60-channel Custom Frequency Groups
* Shure's Patented Audio Reference Companding
* Multi-function Bit-mapped Backlit LCD
* Built-in USB and Ethernet Network Compatibility
* Shure's Wireless Workbench Control/Monitoring Software
* Remoteable Antennas
* Shure's Microprocessor-controlled Diversity
* UR2 Handheld Transmitter
* Switchable RF power
* Frequency and power lockout
* Bit-mapped backlit LCD
* 2 AA batteries -- up to 8 hours continuous use
* Intrared automatic transmitter sync
* All metal die-cast construction
* SM86 Vocal Microphone
* Condenser cartridge for studio quality sound
* Tailored frequency response for a clear reproduction of vocals
* Rugged construction withstands the rigors of touring sound
* Cardioid polar pattern minimizes unwanted background noise
* Excellent choice for stage monitors and personal monitors
* Built-in three-point shock mount minimizes handling noise
* Two-stage "pop" filter reduces wind and breath noise
Shure UR24D/SM86 Dual Handheld Wireless Microphone System
The Shure UR124S/SM86 Dual Handheld Wireless Microphone System features the UR4D Dual Channel Diversity Receiver and two UR2/SM86 Handheld Transmitters which consists of the UR2 Wireless Handheld Transmitter fitted with SM86 Cardioid Microphone capsule. The UHF-R is a professional, wireless technology engineered for the most demanding touring environments and installations. UHF-R wireless microphone systems offer unprecedented flexibility and versatility. Using multiple frequency bands, over 108 compatible systems can be used simultaneously. Individual frequency bands deliver up to 60 compatible systems per band. The UHF-R also includes infrared synchronization that allows you to configure transmitter settings from the receiver.
Frequency Band Selection
Shure offers wireless mic systems in a selection of bands that conform to the different government regulations of specific nations or geographic regions. These regulations help limit radio frequency (RF) interference among different wireless devices and prevent interference with local public communications channels, such as television and emergency broadcasts. The system's band and frequency range are identified on the face of the receiver and transmitter.
Groups and Channels
To transmit audio through a wireless system, the transmitter and receiver must be set to the same radio frequency, or channel. A wide selection of channels allows more microphones to be used at the same time, since each microphone must operate on a different channel. It also provides a greater choice of open channels--those that are free from interference from television broadcasts, electronic devices, or other wireless microphone systems. A group is a selection of compatible channels. Wireless Shure microphones work better together when set to channels in the same group.
Automatic Frequency Selection
The following features scan the RF environment to find the best group and channel settings for a particular installation.
Group Scan--finds the group with the most open channels, then sets all networked receivers to channels in that group
Channel Scan--finds the first open channel in the currently selected group and sets the receiver to that channel
Automatic Transmitter Sync
This feature automatically transfers the group and channel settings from a receiver to a transmitter. You can also program other transmitter settings on a receiver and transfer those settings too.

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