Interview: Mike Daisey

Photo: Mike DaiseyMike Daisey wears many hats: he is an actor, a storyteller, an author, and a commentator for National Public Radio’s Day To Day. He is presenting his latest monologue — “Invincible Summer” — at the Under the Radar Festival in New York City from January 17th - 28th. The festival coincides with the APAP Conference, which affords an opportunity to connect artists with presenters.

In this interview, Mike talks about the genesis of this latest work, how he develops the converging story lines, and what’s on the sheets of paper he brings on stage.

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One Response to “Interview: Mike Daisey”

  1. KadmusArts - where culture speaks » Blog Archive » Honest Audience - Dishonest System
    April 30th, 2007 04:10

    [...] A caveat: I am a big fan of Mike Daisey and ART. He is one of the funniest and most insightful writer-performers, today. If you haven’t seen him perform, do. If you want a taste of his work and approach, check out the podcast interview on our site. Moreover, ART is one of the truly great theatres. Throughout its history, they have presented some of the most significant and remarkable productions not only in America, but often in the world. If you are ever near Cambridge, MA, you must go to this theatre. [...]

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