The Election Playlist

The PrisonerToday is Election Day in the USA — and plain-vanilla Tuesday everywhere else in the world. So, with apologies to all listeners outside the fifty states, here is a special Election Day playlist, featuring the hopeful / angry / cynical / educational commentary of musicians (mostly American, with some contributions from the UK) on the vagaries, peculiarities, and possibilities of the electoral process.

Oh, and one more thing: if you live in the USA, get out and VOTE — otherwise, how will politically-inclined musicians make a living in the years to come?

The Beatles — Revolution
Elvis Costello — Tramp the Dirt Down
Spook Handy — Vote
Tom Lehrer — Whatever Became Of Hubert
Schoolhouse Rock — Three-Ring Government
Pete Seeger — What Did You Learn In School?
Tupac Shakur — Letter 2 The President
Frank Sinatra — High Hopes
They Might Be Giants — James K. Polk
The Who — Won’t Get Fooled Again

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