For Haiti

Wyclef JeanLast week’s earthquake has devastated the nation of Haiti, with a death toll likely to reach over 100,000. Crucial infrastructure has been destroyed, as have many of the sites and resources that help define Haitian history and culture. If you can give in any way to help the Haitian people, please do. In the meantime, here is a tribute to Haiti’s music:

Rara Bands — Rara Processional Music
Eddy Francois — Kri a Yo
Boukman Eksperyans — Ti Pa Ti Pa
Boukan Ginen — Pale Pale W
RAM — Sa’n Pa Wè Yo
Nemours Jean Baptiste — Contre No.7
Webert Sicot — Leçon de Moral
Les Fantaisistes de Carrefour — Rêve Bleu
Tabou Combo — Tabou Mania
Zin — Souke Dada’w
Barikad Crew — Trip N’ap Trip

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