Mingus and DolphyThe spirit of Jazz at times reads like a long line of begats — each artist being influenced by the leading personalities of their earlier bands, and influencing those people who played in their later bands. Here is one — out of many — of these genealogies:

King Oliver - Canal Street Blues
   who played with
Louis Armstrong - Sugar Foot Stomp
   who played with
Fletcher Henderson - Stampede
   who played with
Coleman Hawkins - Recollections
   who played with
Thelonious Monk - Ruby, My Dear
   who played with
John Coltrane - Naima
   who played with
Eric Dolphy - Stormy Weather
   who played with
Charles Mingus - Ode to Bird and Dizzy
   who played with
Charles McPherson - Lush Life
   who played with
Pat Martino - Oleo

Note: all links will open in iTunes.

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