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  Theatro Transcendental Presents... 'The Room of Unlimited Possibilities'
« on: September 25, 2010, 05:39:43 AM » by TheatroTranscendental
Theatro Transcendental is a new bilingual (English-Greek) company based in Cyprus.

Our style of theatre offers a fresh yet concurrently ancient technique, in which theatre as an art form is used in order to educate and alter human consciousness.

Through the use of sound, rhythm, movement and visual imagery, we aim to awaken ancient memories, to reveal to the spectators things which they have collectively forgotten. The themes of our productions rise from eastern and Greek philosophy, spiritual truths and traditions and modern psychology, while
the performers operate as artistic examples of how we can practically utilize philosophical and psychological theories in our everyday lives.

What we provide is a truly unique, revolutionary, out-of-the-box style of thinking, that goes beyond entertainment to become a transformational experience about life and change.

Our first production, 'The Room of Unlimited Possibilities', premieres on the 8th November in Greek, and on the 8th December in English.

The Room of Unlimited Possibilities
What happens when no tragic events befall our lives, and yet we still cannot find happiness? A woman and her soul try to find a way to look at each other. They speak different languages. The one uses words, the other sounds. They cannot communicate. Between them, like an invisible wall, are the memories that wound them. As she discovers the courage to face the thoughts that terrify her, the woman begins to translate the sounds and movements of her soul. And in doing so she discovers the keys to rooms she did not know existed. Simple theories then reveal deep truths, allowing her to become what she had promised herself she would be before birth.

An invitation to transcend the everyday, to dance fearlessly into the unknown in search of a greater and deeper awareness. Using the live example of the actor on stage, symbolic images and the power of sound and rhythm, the performance aims to offer its audience the tools and the inspiration to make positive changes in their lives.

For more information, please visit our website, www.theatrotranscendental.com

To view a trailer of our production, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Syd9up0Lkt0

 (Read 967 times) [1]
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