Photo by Jen Morgan — Creative Commons License Some Rights Reserved

The producers of Tomorrowland Festival don’t cut corners when it comes to stage sets and props. Whether it’s the towering main stage replete with strobe lights and giant animatronic faces or the mythical creatures wandering amongst the crowd, you’ll definitely feel like you’ve gone down the rabbit hole.

Why not match the whimsy of this festival with an equally delightful treat called Hedgehogs. It’s a rum buttercream concoction formed into assorted miniature animals (including hedgehogs) that invites creativity. Create your own mythical creatures and share with the rest of your festival friends!

- Ana Maria Harkins

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  1. Sherwani
    July 26th, 2013 03:39

    Interesting articles are published here. By reading it I acquired great deal of knowledge on various subject. Thank you for sharing with us

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