Brigittines International Festival

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Country and Region BelgiumBrussels-Capital
Type of Festival Dance, Drama
Location of Festival Brussels, Brussels-Capital, Belgium
Festival Contact Information

Les Brigittines
Place Akarova, 1
1000 Bruxelles
Phone: +32 02 213 86 12
Fax: +32 02 213 86 18
Email: info(at)

Festival Description

Is art not the ideal place for everything that is special and extraordinary, yet intended for each one of us? This is in any event the theme of the Festival. The intended goal is quite clear: showcase original forms of contemporary stage arts, which leave room for our imagination. It focuses, therefore, on what is unusual or alien, and today, more than ever, the alien element comes to the fore…

For the artists, this means their points of departure are an unusual or discordant viewpoint, the relationship we have with ourselves or the other, and show and let the people experience the world in a different way. They appeal to our confusion, denial, ambiguity and uncertainty. The unknown. We want to fuel the suspicion that the stage might well be able to unveil a core part of ourselves and thus prevent us from falling prey to increasing uniformisation, universal doom-mongering and the obligatory joviality of the entertainment media. We also suspect that the events on stage might well be able to shed light on our inner world, at the risk of sinking away in darkness. We are happy to take the confusion which our enigmatic behaviour or our immediate presence generates into the bargain.

Accordingly, we may recognise certain deeds spawned by our imagination that cannot be captured in a performance but are verbalised nevertheless to be inherently ours, but we may renounce these for fear of the unknown or under social pressure – or would we? The use of the unusual/unknown as a filter or outlook targets a deeper I than the I that determines our lives on a daily basis. What is the figure that emerges? Who is it that appears on stage?

These questions implicitly refer to the embodiment and statute of the face and its expressions. Should our face, that is constantly showing our emotions, not wipe its tracks and make way for the body to speak? Is it not up to the choreographers to give the body a face and a personality, so that it is capable of more powerful illusionary stunts? How does this presence on stage make its way through our intimate world? What are the hidden characters of our imagination? What metamorphoses do they announce? Well! Why don’t you come and see for yourself!
—Patrick Bonté, Artistic Manager of the Festival

Festival Dates August 16 - 31, 2013
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Practical Info:

  • Les Brigittines
    Petite rue des Brigittines
    1000 Brussels
Tickets 2009:
  • Prices €12 / €8
  • Reservation by phone + 32 (0)2 213-86-10 or online at


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