International Folk Fest "Empire of the Stars"

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Country and Region UkraineCrimea oblast
Type of Festival Dance, Music
Location of Festival Zaozernoye, Crimea oblast, Ukraine
Festival Contact Information

Association “Empire of Stars”
Michael Levin, Festival Director
Phone: (066) 725-27-69
Natalia Onishchenko, Executive Director
Phone: (093) 380-82-22
Andrew Litvinenko, Financial matters
Phone:(067) 6987001
Daria Ermonina, General arrangements
Phone: (095) 842-32-28
Natalia Litvinenko
Phone: (093) 811-44-28

Festival Description

International Folk Fest “Empire of the Stars” is a competitive festival for children, youth and adults in the fields of folk dance and music. The aim of the festival is to encourage and support the folk arts in dance choreography, vocal, instrumental and applied skills of gifted children, youth and adult amateur teams. The organizers have created a platform for the promotion and exchange of experience in the folk arts among the natives of the Ukraine to share folk customs with other countries. The events serve to stimulate the maintenance of national cultural traditions and to form the interest of young people to the origins of popular culture. The festival takes place in Zaozernoye, Crimea oblast near Eupatoria,

Festival Dates September 12 - 16, 2012
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Festival Events:

Master classes 2012:
  • Folk dance
    • Honoured Worker of Culture, an honorary citizen of the city of Dnepropetrovsk, the artistic director of the ensemble of national dance of Ukraine “Pollen” - V. Terlenko
  • Folklore
    • Master of the Kharkiv State Academy of Culture, Head of folklore and ritual theater “Rodoslav” - N. Onishchenko
  • Decorative and Applied Arts
    • Master of Folk Arts, a member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine - Vladimir Rodionov


Practical Info:

Participants’ information 2012:
  • Who may participate
    • To participation in the festival programs groups and individual performers (from 5 to 25 years and 25 years and above) are invited. Bands and artists of all creative, higher, secondary and special educational institutions, houses of culture. The contest is open to all submitted application, who agree with the conditions and have submitted the registration fee to fund of the festival. Each contestant can participate in several disciplines and categories that include:
  • Categories
    • Choreography
      Playground dance (with elements of folk dance and the national color)
      Folk Dance on folk material
      Folk-stage dance (traditional form)
      A stylized folk dance
      Experimental (INNOVATIVE) folk dance forms
    • Folklore
      Folk song
      Authentic rites and customs
      Ensembles of folk instruments
      Solo on folk instruments
    • Decorative and Applied Art
      Decorative painting
      Doll motanka
  • Application deadline
    • September 2, 2012
  • Application information
    • Applications must be carefully and neatly filled in, with no abbreviations and fully answered the questions. Applications should be served by a participant or his representative (teacher, parent) to the Organization Committee. The application is considered accepted only after an advance payment is received by the Committee, and a confirmation has been received. If you have not received an answer to your request, please send it again. Send application(s) by email to
  • Awards
    • According to the results of the festival honoring the decision of the competent artists and guests creative collectives and individual artists, masters of arts and crafts, the festival will be awarded with diplomas, souvenirs, special gifts.
    • Delivery of the diplomas takes place at a gala concert of the festival.
    • Public national associations, creative unions, the sponsors of the festival set up and award prizes for its decision.
Jury Committee:
  • The organization committee and jury
    • For the preparation and holding of the festival organization committee is created, which approves the staff of the technical jury, and approves the status of the festival. The technical jury includes members of the National Union of craftsmen, members of the Confederation of designers and stylists, professors of Humanities Institutes, Honored Workers of Culture and the Arts.


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